China reports zero local Coronavirus cases for second day as Trump continues the blame game

Italy took-over China in death toll

China reported zero transmitted cases of coronavirus or COVID-19 for the second day as Italy surpassed East Asian country, according to the death toll. China's National Health Commission said that the country reported 39 new cases on Thursday, and all of them were imported.

The country also did not report any new local cases for the first time on Wednesday but reported 34 cases from overseas. Wuhan which is epicentre of the outbreak saw no new cases for consecutive two days. The total numbers of confirmed cases in China have reached to 81,193 with 3,252 deaths and more than 71,000 recovered so far. Various cities in China announced that visitors coming from top 24 affected countries will have to undergo 14 days of quarantine and observation.

Coronavirus status as of 19 March, 2020
Coronavirus status as of 19 March, 2020 GISAID

China sends experts to Italy

China sent a group of experts and medical supplies to Italy which is the second most affected nation after China to fight against coronavirus. Around 30 tones of equipment including masks and respirators were sent through plane arranged by Chinese Red Cross.

Head of Italian Red Cross Francesco Rocca showed gratitude by saying that they are relieved by receiving the supplies. It will help temporarily still it is important. "We have a desperate need for these masks right now. We need respirators that the Red Cross will donate to the government. This is for sure a really important donation for our country," he said.

Chinese and Cuban doctors arrive in Italy
Chinese and Cuban doctors arrived in Italy with 31 tons of medical supplies from China and drugs from Cuba (March 14) Twitter

Donald Trump blames China

Meanwhile in a recent media conference on Thursday, Donald Trump blamed China for coronavirus pandemic. "The world is paying a big price for what they did and the world is paying a very big price for not letting them (information about coronavirus) come out," he said.

Coronavirus has affected more than 150 countries with 244,517 cases confirmed and more than 10,000 patients died so far, the numbers are higher outside China where outbreak started in the city of Wuhan.

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