China PLA Rehearses the Sinking of USS Ronald Reagan With Hypersonic Missiles Near Taiwan

The Chinese military has rehearsed the sinking of US aircraft carriers with hypersonic missiles near Taiwan. The Chinese forces' recent missile launches were aimed at targeting any "foreign aircraft carriers" that could interfere with a "reunification-by-force operation".

The PLA's conventional missile launches practiced hitting foreign aircraft carriers that could intervene from the Philippine Sea in a possible reunification-by-force operation, reported the Global Times.

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DF-21 Missiles Could Be Used To Target US Aircraft Carrier

Citing several analysts, the Communist Party's newspaper stated that the missiles, which are more powerful than long-range rockets, can also hit targets on the island.

A number of PLA conventional missiles, including the DF-21, DF-26 and the hypersonic DF-17, can hit moving targets at sea, said the report.

China Conducting Military Drill With More Than 100 Warplanes

In recent days, Chinese Army and the Rocket Force, the Navy and Air Force also conducted joint military operations, with more than 10 destroyers and frigates conducting joint blockades, alert patrols and reconnaissance, and more than a hundred warplanes including fighter jets and bombers conducting joint reconnaissance, air assault and support missions around Taiwan island, according to the Global Times.

PLA on Thursday also deployed its latest long-range multiple-launch rocket system, PHL-191 during the exercise.

China Has Surrounded Taiwan

China, which has surrounded Taiwan, had opposed US House Speaker Nancy Pelosi's visit to Taiwan. The communist regime claims sovereignty over the island nation and opposed the visit of foreign officials to the island nation.

China Indicates How It Will Hit USS Ronald Reagan

Chinese media showed Beijing will first attack Taiwan by launching dozens of rocket strikes across the Taiwan Strait. Then it will focus on any foreign aircraft carriers that would be intervening from the Philippine Sea, a clear reference to USS Ronald Reagan and its strike group, which were days ago operating in the Philippines Sea.

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This article was first published on August 7, 2022