China deploys military staff to epicenter; 13 countries talk about new cases of coronavirus

There are new cases coming from several countries which had people traveling to China in the past few weeks

The Wuhan virus is spreading, and the number of infected people is nearing towards 2,000. Amid the growing fear of the spread of virus and shortage of hospital beds, China has deployed military medical staff equipped in dealing with SARS or Ebola to the centre of the cause of 2019-nCOv.

Around 450 military staff in China is equipped to deal with a similar situation of a virus outbreak. According to the Chinese news agency Xinhua, the medical military staff will be dispatched to hospitals with a large number of patients who are battling the virus. This has been seen as a drastic move were the central government is taking the front seat to resolve the issue as soon as possible.

China has also started the process of building hospitals to tackle the situation of the shortage of beds within 10 days. The virus has led to growing concern across the globe with the rise in the number of patients not just within the country but in several places across the world.

The military team: How they can tackle the situation?

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The military is composed of staff members who can deal with respiratory diseases, infectious diseases, hospital infection control, and intensive care. The local and central government is feeling the pressure of the situation in the country.

President Xi Jinping has said that the country is facing a grave situation and the government continues to give it paramount importance. In the mainland, around 50 people are dead, while around 2,000 cases were confirmed and the number continues to rise inside and outside the country.

Affected regions within and outside China is using various precautionary measures

Presently around 13 places outside the mainland have reported cases of the virus, and some countries are talking about presumptive cases.

There are still several assumptive cases across the world. The disease is said to have come from animals and is causing a growing concern to the general public even in unaffected regions.

This article was first published on January 26, 2020
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