Chin Swee Road murder: Couple killed own daughter, remains found in cooking pot

Remains found in cooking pot at HDB flat Pixabay

Police arrested the parents of a two-year-old young girl, who was murdered in March 2014 but last week Singapore police officers found the remains inside a cooking pot, discovered from a flat at Block 52 Chin Swee Road. Both of them were charged with the murder of their own child on Tuesday.

Last week, Tuesday, September 10, police went to search the unit at Chin Swee Road after the neighbours called for assistance at 8.30 pm as they noticed a strange smell on the corridor. When police entered the unit the officers found the child remains inside a metal pot.

Police said in a statement that the investigation revealed that the couple have been remanded since June 2018 over other unrelated offences but no one had any idea about this gruesome incident. Police said that earlier the father of the victim, has been charged with two drug-related offences and one count of rioting but these cases are currently pending.

It was also revealed that the mother of the deceased infant, was sentenced on September 9, one day before the gruesome discovery at their unit, to five years and two months of imprisonment as she pleaded guilty to three drug-related charges and one count of theft.

Reports claimed that the couple had at least three children and they are the registered occupants of the unit where police found the remains of the two-year-old child.

A resident on the eighth storey told the police that there had been a strong smell in the corridor for two weeks. They had no idea about what had happened inside the flat so they called for police assistance.

When police started the investigation, a 68-year-old unnamed woman said that a couple with young children had lived in the unit previously but earlier this year they moved out. In addition, she mentioned that another man rented the flat a few months ago.

The man was in the flat when the police visited the unit last Tuesday, but it is not clear how he is related to the couple. However, the cases related to the couple has been adjourned to September 24.

It should be noted that as per the Singapore Penal Code the convicts of murder face the death penalty, or can be sentenced to lifetime imprisonment and canning.

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