Chilling Video Captures Moment Russian Tank Obliterates Civilian Car in Ukraine as Passengers Are Burnt to Death [GRAPHIC]

The tank appears to fire multiple shots at the car till it is set on fire with the bodies lying scattered on the street and inside the car.

A chilling video has emerged that captures the moment a Russian tank on a street in Ukraine obliterates a civilian car leaving burnt bodies in the front seat. The harrowing footage was posted by the defense ministry of Ukraine on Tuesday. The people in the car were reportedly an elderly couple who were on their way home.

The tank appears to fire multiple shots at the car till it is set on fire with the bodies lying scattered on the street and inside the car. This comes amid reports that Russian forces have been mercilessly killing civilians and that their promise to give safe passage to them to flee their county is a complete lie.

Chilling Scene

The video, which was posted on Telegram by Ukrainian news agency Yhiah on Tuesday after the defense ministry released it, shows a Russian tank open firing just seconds after the car came to an abrupt stop in the middle of the deserted roadway.

The video opens quite normally. The Russian tank and the car can both be seen going towards a crossroads as part of a convoy at the start of the video. The maroon car then comes to a halt, but the tank rounds the bend and starts firing at the vehicle.

Two rounds hit the car directly, creating a horrific fireball, before the tank waits a few seconds as the crew take in what they've done. The car is then seen completely destroyed with a ball of fire emerging from the front.

Car ambushed
The moment a Russian tank obliterates the civilian car in Makariv, Ukraine Twitter

As the tank retreated in the opposite direction, smoke could be seen billowing from the vehicle. According to reports, the incident occurred near Makariv, just outside of Kyiv on February 28.

According to reports, two elderly people were in the front seat of the car and both died. That can also be seen in the video.

Russian Hostilities Continue

Other footages, which has been widely shared on social media, shows the aftermath, including the couple's burnt corpses in their vehicle. The bodies can be seen burning inside the vehicle.

Ukraine car
The car was completely destroyed with two passengers burnt to death inside it Twitter

This once again shows the sheer brutality that's being inflicted on the Ukrainian people. There are multiple videos like this on social media that show Ukrainian civilians being indiscriminately fired upon by Russian armed forces.

Since Russian soldiers commenced their assault on Ukraine on February 24, at least 400 civilians have died, according to Ukrainian Defense Minister Oleksiy Reznikov.

According to the UN Human Rights Agency, at least 406 Ukrainian civilians including 27 children have died since the conflict began. The report form UN also added that, 801 injuries have been reported as well, although the true figure could be far higher.

Ukraine car burn
The burnt car after being obliterated by the Russian tank Twitter

Multiple videos on social media also show Russian forces firing indiscriminately at civilians who were trying to leave their cities in the wake of the war. At least eight individuals were murdered when missiles rained down on hundreds of scared townspeople fleeing the bombardment of Irpin near Kyiv by fleeing across a bridge.

In one attack, 47 people were killed in Chernihiv when an air raid purportedly used cluster bombs last week.