Charisse Yu Has Become a Thriving Food Blogger After Years As an Emmy-Nominated TV Journalist

Charisse Yu

What is an Emmy-nominated TV journalist who reported for ABC, CBS, and CNN affiliates doing as a food blogger? According to her, she is doing something incredibly rewarding. Charisse Yu graduated magna cum laude from the University of Southern California, yet prefers to spend most of her time cooking and taking care of her two boys.

She transitioned into a simpler life around ten years ago. She realized that she wanted to spend more time with her children, which can be a difficult job. However, it is the most rewarding one of all. Having all that time at home means she has a chance to make delicious meals she and her family enjoy themselves.

Her style is simple and easy. Her main goal today is to inspire her audience with recipes that are easy to make, creative, healthy, and budget-conscious. Also, her meals are great for the entire family, and are always kid-approved. If you scroll through her Instagram or Pinterest pages, you will see plenty of delicious-looking meals, including tasty treats.

Charisse is both a recipe and video creator who specializes in stop-motion content while emphasizing simplicity. That's why you won't need to work hard all afternoon preparing a meal. Her food journey began by making meals for her young boys, which she did under a project called Easy Toddler Meals. Today, her meals have evolved into family meals.

Not to be boxed into a strictly foodie corner, Charisse also shares lifestyle content, including interior décor and design tips, parenting help, and information on self-care. She wants to share as much helpful advice and information she can with her audience of nearly 400,000 on Instagram, as well as the one million monthly viewers of her Pinterest page.

Charisse no longer does any TV reporting, but she still delivers information on a regular basis that can help people. These days, it's more along the lines of what kind of cookies to make and how to organize your home office. She's gathered up many recipes over the years and has wanted to pass them down in writing, so that others can enjoy her tasty creations as well.

It's not too difficult to see her transition from journalist to foodie because of her lineage. She grew up surrounded by a family of cooks who loved coming up with delicious and tasty meals. It was this experience that she draws inspiration from, now with hundreds of thousands of her followers.

Instead of moving around a lot as she used to when she lived on the East Coast, her LA life has been more of the grounded and easygoing kind. She still enjoys travel and taking trips, but home life is something that she has definitely transitioned comfortably into.

Be sure to check out the latest inspiration from Charisse and discover new delicious meals that the entire family will enjoy.