Central Narcotic Bureau recovers huge assortment of drugs, arrests 7 suspects

Some of the drugs seized in CNB operation at Balestier on 30 May 2018.
Some of the drugs seized in CNB operation at Balestier on 30 May 2018. CENTRAL NARCOTICS BUREAU

Central Narcotic Bureau (CNB) had launched two different operations and seized huge assortment of drugs on Wednesday, May 30 and the officers arrested seven individuals, including a foreign national.

CNB said in a news release on Thursday, May 31 that during the operation the first team of the officers arrested a 43-year-old Singaporean male in Toa Payoh Road for allegedly trafficking the drugs. When the officers raided a Balestier Road hotel room, which was the suspected hideout of the suspect, they recovered a total of about 349g of heroin, 193g of 'Ice', and 88 'Ecstasy' tablets. In the same room, they also found a 41-year-old female foreign national.

Later, investigators arrested a two Singaporean male and female, aged between 29 and 36, from the same Balestier Road hotel. After searching a car that belonged to these two accused, they seized about 98g of heroin, 14g of 'Ice' and two 'Ecstasy' tablets. CNB said they suspected that the 36-year-old man was a drug recipient.

However, during the second operation, the team of CNB officials nabbed two suspects in the vicinity of Potong Pasir Avenue 3. Both the arrested individuals are Singaporean males, aged between 29 and 45.

From the 29-year-old suspect, the officers recovered a cash of S$400, including a set of car keys. When CNB team found the car and searched the vehicle, they found about 37g of 'Ice', 56g of cannabis, 490 Erimin-5 tablets and 46 'Ecstasy' tablets.

Apart from those lodging outlets, officers went to the resident of the 29-year-old suspect and they recovered about 3g of cannabis, 3g of ketamine, two 'Ecstasy' tablets and 14 Erimin-5 tablets. From the same unit, CNB officials found a cash amounting to S$25,200, including a female Singaporean, 26, who was taken under custody for allegedly involved in the drug trafficking racket.

The CNB is investigating the case.

In the news release, CNB stated that the total seized 447g heroin is enough to provide almost 213 drug abusers for a week, while 244g recovered 'Ice' is enough to feed about 139 drug abusers.

As per a CNB report, Overview of Singapore's Drug Situation in 2017, a high 40% of the drug abusers were arrested in 2017 and those arrested individuals were new abusers. In the same report, CNB stated that a significant portion of these arrested new abusers were aged below 30.

This article was first published on June 1, 2018
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