Celebrity SAS Participants Go Nude After Being Forced to Strip During Show's Humiliating Petrol Fire Task

Celebrities on Australia's extreme show Celebrity SAS were forced to strip off their clothes for a petrol and fire stunt during the show. The reality show that aired on Down Under's Channel 7, featured model Nadia Bartel, Georgia Love, Sam Frost, Bachelorette star Georgia Love and Andrew O'Keefe as its contestants and in the first episode of Celebrity SAS, all the participants, including Melissa Tkautz and former Olympian Geoff Huegill, were transported to a location in a bus.

Head soldier Ant Middleton explained the aim of the challenge and soon after asked cocky Bachelor star Locky Gilbert what he does for a living. Gilbert then replied that he is a reality TV star. Middleton went on to mock Gilbert saying, "Oh, you're one of them f*****s, are you?" which led Gilbert attempt to redeem himself by telling Middleton that he's an adventure guy, according to Daily Star.

At one point in the episode, Gilbert said that he's an "egotistical fame wh***" before saying that he was not afraid to admit to his goals as he was participating in his fourth show. He said that "fame and notoriety is what some people live for" and that he likes to flaunt it.

Celebrity SAS
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In the opening scene, head soldier Middleton yelled at the contestants saying, "You will be set on fire!" Then he threw petrol over the SAS participants and lit a match. The task was to put out the flames before they engulfed their bodies.

The celebs were seen running towards a river but singer Melissa Tkautz revealed that she couldn't run very well. "I can't run very well!" she said while trying to reach the waters. After the dangerous task, the contestants were asked to take off all their clothes and wear dry ones, going completely naked.

Reports suggest that it's Australian filmmaker Pauly Fench, who decided to give audience a topic for controversy as he exposed full-frontal images of SAS contestant on camera. As Fench revealed everything to his peers, a soldier called him "clearly confident individual" who "requires no helmet."

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