Celebrities must stop complaining while hundreds of NHS workers are losing their lives: Ricky Gervais

Comedian Ricky Gervais slammed celebrities for crying in their mansions out of boredom amid the coronavirus crisis

Just recently, pop star Sam Smith broke down in tears on Instagram in the comfort of his £12 million mansion complaining about how bad he feels every day being in isolation amid the coronavirus crisis. While some felt pity for his situation, the others slammed him for being a cry baby and labelled him an attention seeker on social media.

Comedian Ricky Gervais, who previously roasted Hollywood celebrities at the Golden Globes in 2019, hit back against Sam Smith's Instagram activity claiming that stars need to stop complaining about their situation while they eat, sleep and dine in luxury at the comfort of their sophisticated mansions, while several NHS heroes are battling coronavirus on the front lines and losing their precious lives due to it.

NHS staff risk their lives and all celebrities do is sit and cry at home

Ricky Gervais at the Golden Globe 2020

Ricky Gervais praised the NHS staff for working selflessly day and night for the betterment of mankind amid the coronavirus pandemic and still not complain about their jobs despite the hardships it brings and stated that he honestly doesn't want to hear a rich star crying due to boredom while sitting beside an infinity pool at their mansion.

"These people are doing 14-hour shifts and not complaining. Wearing masks, and being left with sores, after risking their own health and their families' health selflessly. But then I see someone complaining about being in a mansion with a swimming pool. And, you know, honestly, I just don't want to hear it," he said to The Sun.

The comedian revealed that he doesn't step out much at the comfort of his home either but joked that he thankfully has a lot of alcohol stocked up. "I didn't go out much anyway, and there's always too much booze in the house. It's always been the 6 pm watershed for as long as I remember. Obviously, I am looking at the watch."

Coronavirus deaths worldwide

The coronavirus pandemic has caused distress around the world and several countries have shut their borders and ordered lockdowns. The positive cases are inching towards 2 million on April 14, and 119,757 have lost their lives due to the pandemic.

After China, the United States, Italy and Spain are the hardest hit with 23,644, 20,465 and 17,756 deaths respectively. Other countries are not far behind either as the numbers seem to only be increasing as the days pass despite being in lockdown for close to a month now.

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