Catholic Woman To Give Up Her Faith After Vatican Kicked Her Out of Holy City For Racy Outfit

A woman, who was on a trip to the Vatican, claimed she was kicked out of Vatican for wearing a racy outfit and looking too hot to handle. And now, the woman has vowed to give up being a Catholic for how she was treated.

The woman who goes by the name Juju Vieira was at Saint Peter's Basilica, located at the heart of the holy city run by the pope in Rome on January 30, wearing a body-hugging tight fitted dress and long boots. But she was asked to leave the city by a man, who said she was dressed inappropriately, according to Daily Star.

Since then, Vieira, who was baptised and raised in a strict Christian set up claims to have been harassed by trolls, who are sending hateful messages to her online.

Who is Juju Vieira?
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Who is Juju Vieira?

Juju Vieira is a social media influencer and a model from Brazil, who has a massive fan following on Instagram. She expressed that she felt disrespected for being shown out of the holy city.

"I was embarrassed because there were other people there who heard this. I felt disrespected," she said and added, "I met the lack of God in the hearts of people who call themselves Catholic in the worst possible way."

Speaking of the unfortunate incident and its results, the model further explained, "They found out my number and I even received threats. I don't identify with that kind of religious conduct."

Due to the situation she had to face in the Vatican City and the online abuse, she has decided to explore other religions while giving up on her faith.

"I want to be who I am, dress the way I want, sexy or not," Vieira, 34, said.

In a rebellious move, the model has recently dropped a sexy photo in a racy thong bikini flaunting her underboob. Her Instagram account id is @jujuvieira_oficial, which has over 30,000 fan followers.