Castaway Diva Episode 2 Recap, Review

Castaway Diva episode 2 aired on tvN on Sunday (October 29) at 9:20 pm KST. The chapter followed Seo Mok Ha as she left the uninhabited island and began a new life. People in Korea watched the episode on TV. International K-drama fans enjoyed this chapter with subtitles on various online streaming platforms, including Netflix.

Seo Mok Ha fulfilled her dream of singing in front of Yoon Ran Joo in the second episode of Castaway Diva. The romantic comedy-drama picked up right from where it left off in the premiere episode and revealed the person who found the female lead on the uninhabited island. It was Kang Woo Hak, a news reporter for YGN. He is known to be a born rebel by his family and friends. He found the female lead while he was enjoying the scenic beauty of this island with the help of a drown. His younger brother, Kang Bo Geol, is a program producer at YGN Entertainment.

Kang Woo Hak accompanied Kang Bo Geol to the island when he was on a cleaning mission. When Seo Mok Ha saw the drone, she found it interesting and tried to catch it. The news reporter asked her to stop handing the electronic device carelessly. When he confronted her, she approached him with tears in her eyes. The female lead could not believe her eyes when she saw another human on the island. She hugged him tightly and thanked him for finding her.

Castaway Diva
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The Rescue Mission

The siblings and their friends gave her food and took her to Seoul. Although Kang Bo Geol requested his elder brother to kill the story about Seo Mok Ha, he published a detailed article on her and agreed to do several follow-up stories. After reaching Seoul, the female lead had a medical checkup and stayed in a shelter home for some days. During this time, she did her research on Yoon Ran Joo.

On the last day of her stay at the shelter home, Kang Woo Hak visited the female lead. He accompanied her to her hometown, hoping for new stories about her. But the reporter could not believe his ears when he heard her story. The female lead told him why she left home to meet her favorite idol and got stranded on the island. Even the news desk did not find her story appealing and attractive to the viewers. They asked him to dig more on her.

Upon reaching her hometown, Seo Mok Ha looked around and found her father's shop in a new form. She went inside, hoping to get a few details about her high school friend, Jeong Gi Ho. But the new owners -- Yong Gu and Jae Sik -- thought she came to inherit the property. So, they kicked her out. Kang Woo Hak stood up for her when the two men humiliated her. When the atmosphere felt pleasing, the female lead asked the men about her childhood friend.

Castaway Diva
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A New Beginning

Seo Mok Ha felt sad after hearing what happened to her high school friend. Yong Gu and Jae Sik informed her that Jeong Gi Ho struggled a lot after she went missing. He stopped going to school and wandered around. Jeong Gi Ho smashed the fish tank at Seo Mok Ha's restaurant. He sat near the seaside for several days, hoping to meet his friend again. One day, he ran out of the house after reporting his father for child abuse. Although some people claimed they saw him in Seoul, he has been missing for 15 years.

After hearing everything, Seo Mok Ha decided to return to Seoul and meet Yoon Ran Joo. The news reporter tried to discourage her, but she told him that her life would be meaningless if she stayed in her hometown. He took her to his house and allowed her to spend the night on the rooftop. She requested him to help her meet the former K-pop idol. At that moment, the news reporter started developing a secret crush on the female lead.

Kang Woo Hak took Seo Mok Ha to a village festival the next day. She was excited to meet her favorite idol for the first time. The female lead prepared the singer's favorite color balloons for the festive attendees and requested them to cheer for the singer. The singer did not have the confidence to take the stage. Though the organizers had prepared CD players to help the singer with lip-syncing, the device broke. The organizers asked the idol to sing live on stage.

In fear of spoiling the show, Yoon Ran Joo got drunk. Her manager tried to arrange a playback singer to help the artist when Seo Mok Ha volunteered. She helped her favorite K-pop idol confidently face the audience.