Captain America Fame Chris Evans Couldn't Play Spider-Man Because of 'Claustrophobia'

Chris Evans, one of the hottest Hollywood stars, has revealed that he is claustrophobic. The 39-year-old actor, who is famous for his role as Captain America in the Marvel Cinematic Universe, has finally admitted that Spider-Man's role would have been his dream role. However, he said he didn't like the mask of the web-slinging superhero. In an interview with a leading magazine, Chris said though he loves Captain America, Spider-Man was his childhood hero. He said, "I would have loved doing scenes like attaching myself to the sides of buildings and trying to spring from one building to the next."

He said, "But I would have hated to wear Spider-Man's mask. I'm very claustrophobic, and I doubt whether I could have worn that kind of full suit and mask for hours a day on set," according to a leading magazine. Chris said he prefers his Captain America outfit to Spider-Man's and he also thinks Captain America is cooler. Chris also revealed that he was reluctant about playing Captain America in the 'Captain America: The First Avenger' in 2011 as he didn't want to make any long- term commitments. However, the audience loved his character and his actions in the Marvel film.

In his latest Instagram post, Chris looks hotter than ever. Sharing a photo of himself, and showing off some self-love, the handsome actor captioned the picture, "He's so mesmerizing and breathtaking." The photo has been viewed thousands of times and fans have shared several comments admiring his charming personality. Women all over the world love Chris for his hot looks. He is one of the sexiest actors in Hollywood and has millions of fans worldwide.

Chris Evans looks hot in latest photo
Chris Evans says, Captain America is cooler than Spiderman

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