Cannabis Grown in Space Will Be of Superior Quality and More Useful Medically; Are the Claims Far Fetched?

The claims made by retired Canadian astronaut Chris Hadfield towards the possibility of growing weed in space has created a buzz on social media.

Hadfield has stated that the superior-quality weed grown in space could increase the feasibility of use of this recreational drug in space as the "space tourism" grows.

Hadfield's claims have been endorsed by CEO of BioHarvest, Ilan Sobel. BioHarvest is a biotech company. These claims have not gone down well with a faction of social media followers. This is being seen as a commercial tie-up between the Biotech company and the astronaut.

Weed can be grown in space

However, the supporters and users of weed have welcomed the news stating that it will open up a whole new world in the space tourism.

Experts Ought to Address Larger Issues; Social Media Chatter

A faction of people opposed to legalization of weed have disapproved the idea terming it to be against the laws of nature. They have also criticized the complete notion of "space grown products", instead advised the experts to address the issues like homelessness and food insecurity.

Having worked on Russian space station, Mir and International Space Station (ISS) Chris Hadfield stated that medical marijuana grown in space could be a game changer.

According to a report published in The U.S. Sun, the CEO of BioHarvest, Ilan Sobel stated that the unique microgravity environment in space increases the probability of producing medical-grade cannabis which will more beneficial that the one grown on Earth. It will offer better treatment solutions for palliative diseases, Sobel added.

"Weird how all these billionaires like to do "quirky shit" for their personal brand so they become known as "guy who smokes weed & is interested in space" but no one ever seems to want to be the "guy who ended homelessness and food insecurity" to make them popular. Curious..." shared a twitter user.

Another user pointed out, "If fire consumes oxygen.. how does the human torch breath? I'd a byproduct of his powers is that when his powers are active he does not require to breath then he should in theory be able to survive in space? This thought brought to you by WEED."

A tweet read, "Several hours of playtime on the moon would be cool as well. We need to figure out how to smoke weed in space. Why? Fire in space would be beneficial no? The ability to burn things and vent as boosters the toxic fumes produced."