Camila Cabello's new album 'Romance' release date revealed, stunning Insta video teaser sets fans on fire

Camila Cabello has shared a teaser of her new album Romance on Instagram. The singer also announced that the new album is all set to release today at noon

Ever since Camila Cabello's Havana got released, she became a musical sensation. With songs like Seniorita and Havana, Camila has made a mark in the Hollywood music industry. The singer today shared a video post on her social media handle, which has left her fans spellbound.

Camila's Instagram account shows that her new album Romance is all set to release on December 6, 2019. The singer has been actively sharing teasers of her upcoming album. Her latest Romance teaser shows a portrait on fire in which Camila is seen donning a semi-nude look.

Romance is not Dead

Captioning the video on Instagram, Camila wrote, "Romance is not dead". Apart from her stints in music, Camila is also a great actor, in the song Havana, Camila not only mastered her vocals but also did justice with the role she played in the video song. The American-Cuban singer has also been in the limelight for her relationship with Canadian singer and boyfriend Shawn Mendes.

Camila Cabello and Shawn Mendes
Camila Cabello and Shawn Mendes Instagram

Camila recently in an interview shared her opinion on Public Display of Affection (PDA). Reports said the singer had stated that living her life in the public eye has changed her feelings about displaying affection in public. Camila and her boyfriend Shawn Mendes, aren't shy about expressing their affection for one another in public. The couple has been seen locking lips everywhere in public to camera and even on the stage.

Camila's Romance
Camila's Romance Camila / Instagram

Social media fans in millions

Meanwhile, Shawn's Seniorita has garnered millions of views on the internet ever since the day the song was released. Both the singers have managed to grab attention of audience worldwide and have won millions of hearts overnight. While, Camila achieved her global stardom with her previous songs, it is to be seen if her new album Romance would be able to retain her stature.

Romance, has got rave reviews by several critics and is all set to be launched on December 6. Camila has officially announced the release date of her stunning new love album through her official Instagram account. To get more updates on Hollywood entertainment, keep visiting