California Woman Harasses Black Man, Throws Puppy at Him and Then Accuses Him of Stealing Her Dog

The woman threw the puppy at the man before claiming the dog belonged to her and accused him of stealing it in a drug-fueled rant that was captured on video.

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A video of a woman harassing a black man assaulting him and then throwing a puppy at him before accusing him of stealing her dog on a California street is being widely circulated on social media.

The clip, shared by a rapper who goes by the name Glomula, was accompanied with a caption that read, "Idk [I don't know] what's going on but I got a new dog."

'You're Black!'

woman throws dog
Stills from the video that is being circulated on social media. Twitter

The video starts off with the woman holding the puppy in her arms as she approaches Glomula before going on what seems like a drug-induced rant against the rapper that makes absolutely no sense.

"Are you off crank?," the rapper asks the woman at one point, referring to the slang used to describe methamphetamine. The woman responds by mumbling something before lunging forward and trying to knock the cellphone off the man's hand.

"You're black!," she tells Glomula, who responds with "So, what if I'm f*cking black?"

"Exactly," the woman replies. "So what if I'm f*cking white?"

"I didn't say nothing about race, you racist b*tch," the rapper snaps back. "Who are you?," Glomula asks the woman, whom he finds amusing at this point.

"I don't have an identity," The woman responds before she is seen kicking the rapper and questioning his "identity in the illuminati" while carrying the puppy in her arms.

'Did You Just Steal My Dog?'

At one point, Glomula asks the woman if the puppy she's holding belongs to her. "Is that your dog," the he asks the woman before she violently throws the young pooch at him. The puppy hits Glomula and then falls to the ground, screeching and crying before running up to the rapper, who pets the terrified pup in an attempt to pacify it.

The woman then approaches the rapper again and continues to harass him, claiming the canine belongs to her. "You're going to jail," he tells her as before she tries to jostle him, saying she has "mental health" issues and accuses him of "stealing her dog." Watch the video below:

Social Media Reactions

The clip has since gone viral on social media with more than 1.7 million views and thousands of comments with some users calling for the woman to be arrested for animal cruelty while others drew attention to the woman's dilated pupils, claiming she was in a heroin or meth-induced psychosis and needed "help."

Not long after posting the video, Glomula shared a follow-up post with the puppy in his custody. "Yes, I hav da dog," he captioned a photo of the puppy in his arms. In another clip posted as an Instagram story by the rapper, bearing the caption "she's safe," the pooch can be seen playing with Glomula and another individual.