California Man Shoots Dead His 4 Kids and Their Grandmother before Turning Himself in to Police

The bodies of the four children and their grandmother, were found at their family jointly owned by Germarcus David with another woman.

A Los Angeles County father has been arrested on suspicion for shooting dead his four children and the grandmother. The shocking discovery was made by the children's mother in the city of Lancaster on Sunday night. Germarcus David, 29, the father of the four kids later turned himself in to police, according to reports.

The bodies of the four children, who locals said were all under the age of 12, and their grandmother aged in her 50s, were found at their family that was jointly owned by David with a woman, Tyanna Brown. Police have launched an investigation and more details are yet to be revealed.

Shocking Multiple Murders

crime scene
A crime scene (For representational purposes onlu). Pixabay

On Sunday, around 10:30 pm, officers answering a "rescue responding" call at David's home found the grandmother suffering from gunshot wounds to her torso. Following a search of the other rooms they discovered three boys and a girl with similar wounds. All the five were pronounced dead at the scene.

The rescue call was made by the mother of the five children. Police started a manhunt after the mother hinted at David as the suspected killer. However, on Monday morning David turned himself in to the police. He was questioned and then charged him of homicide. David is being held on a $2 million bail.

Police have launched an investigation but haven't yet revealed the exact motive behind the murder. David is a licensed security guard whose firearm permit was canceled, according to a state database analyzed by The Los Angeles Times. The California Bureau of Security and Investigative Services were unable to explain the cancellation.

Killing His Own

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According to reports, David isn't cooperating with the investigation. Police is also not sure if another person was involved in helping David in committing the crimes. Waki Jones, who works at a daycare and dropped the older children off at elementary school, told The Los Angeles Times that the oldest children were Amaya, 12, and Demarcus, 9.

The names of the other two children have not been disclosed. However, none of the names have of the children have been officially confirmed.

"Amaya was a sweet girl, and every morning, the mom would tell her, 'Say good morning to coach,'" Jones said, which was what the kids called him.

"She was always protecting her brother, making sure he was safe at school. It's just unbelievable. I can't believe they're gone."

The gory discovery of the five dead bodies has left the neighbors shocked. Many said they heard screaming on Sunday night and then learnt about the grisly murders after police reached the scene. Angelo Beltran, who lives nearby, told the outlet: "We saw a woman screaming outside, and we don't know who she is, but she was yelling."

Grace Beltran, who lives in the same home, said she heard a woman yell: "My babies are gone."

An investigation is still on with cops present at the scene till Monday late night. They are also speaking to the devastated mother. More details are expected to be shared anytime.