'Butcher of Syria' Behind Chemical Attack on Mariupol? Drone Attack Causes Respiratory Failure in Ukrainians

Reports about Russia dropping chemical weapons on Mariupol have emerged soon after Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelenskiy warned about the same during his daily video address on Monday. The alleged attack led to multiple Ukrainian soldiers with breathing troubles and dizziness.

Earlier in a tweet, the Ukrainian Parliament had claimed about Russian forces firing 'nitric acid' in the Donetsk region. It had warned the locals to cover their face with a 'protective face masks soaked in soda solution'.

chemical attack
Russia has reportedly launched a chemical attack on Mariupol. Representational Image/ Twitter

Chemical Weapon Dropped Using a Drone

The Daily Mail reported that unverified reports from Mariupol's Azov regiment have claimed that the unidentified agent was dropped from a Russian drone. In a post made on Telegram it stated that a "poisonous substance of unknown origin' has led to the city's defenders suffering from symptoms including breathing issues, 'respiratory failure' and 'vestibulo-atactic syndrome."

In a tweet, Ukrainian MP Ivanna Klympush wrote, "1.5hr ago, (Russia) used unknown substance in #Mariupol. Victims experience respiratory failure, vestib.-atactic syndrome. Most likely chem.weapons! This is red line beyond which the world must destroy economy of despotism. We demand full embargo on all fuels from (Russia) &heavy weapons 2UA now!"

"The Azov Regiment reports that about an hour ago #Russian troops used a toxic substance of unknown origin against Ukrainian military and civilians in the city of #Mariupol. The victims suffered from respiratory failure and vestibulo-attack syndrome," tweeted Nexta TV.

Is 'Butcher of Syria' Behind Chemical Attack?

Soon after reports about a possible chemical attack on Mariupol emerged, several social media users claimed it to be the handiwork of newly appointed Russian General Alexander Vladimirovich Dvornikov, also known as 'Butcher of Syria'.

"Yesterday, Putin appointed Gen. Alexander Dvornikov, the Butcher of Syria, as the Commander of Russian Forces in Syria. It took him only one day to deploy chemical weapons. Evil Incarnate," tweeted a user.

"General,"the butcher of Syria",who ran Syria operation to lead Russia troops in Ukraine on Apr 10, 2022. During the general's time chemical weapons and air strikes were used in Syria - resulting in thousands of civilian casualties. #Mariupol #RussiaWarCrimes #PutinWarCriminal #EU," read another tweet.

"The Butcher of Syria has already struck in #Mariupol #Ukraine ? Oh No. What chemical weapons were used in Mariupol? Oh No. I remember how horrible the people in Syria suffered," wrote a user.