Business Proposal Episode 5 Recap, Episode 6 Spoilers, How to Watch

SBS romantic comedy-drama Business Proposal will return with a new episode on Tuesday at 10 pm KST. Episode 6 will follow Kang Tae Mu as he plans to take Shon Ha Ri on a date. In chapter 5, Tae Mu lets Ha Ri know that he found out about her real identity. How does she feel about it will be revealed in the upcoming episode.

Thanks to Cha Sung Hoon and Jin Young Seo, Ha Ri and Tae Mu might be able to open up to each other. In the meantime, Sung Hoon and Jin Young could enjoy some sweet moments together. But will grandfather Kang Da Goo be happy to know that Shin Geum Hui is Ha Ri? The viewers will have to watch Business Proposal on Tuesday for the answer.

Here is the Official Synopsis for Episode 6:

Business Proposal
A poster of SBS drama Business Proposal. Twitter/SBS

The Promo

The promo for the next episode shows Tae Mu telling Ha Ri that she has messed up with someone she should never have. The video also shows Tae Mu planning to confess his love to Ha Ri. But he seems to be a bit confused about the way to propose to her. He thinks the confession should have a proper buildup.

On the other hand, Ha Ri seems to be worried after knowing that Tae Mu found her real identity. The footage shows her confronting him for making things difficult for her after discovering everything. Ha Ri asks Tae Mu if he intentionally did everything to fire her.

The short clip also gives a glimpse of the complicated relationship between Young Seo and Sung Hoon. The promo features an embarrassed Young Seo struggling to explain things to Sung Hoon. But he does not pay much attention to her. The video ends with a dream-like proposal scene between Ha Ri and Tae Mu.

Watch the Promo for Business Proposal Episode 6 below:

Streaming Details

SBS will telecast the sixth episode of this romantic comedy-drama on Tuesday at 10 pm KST. K-drama fans can tune in to the channel to watch the chapter or stream it later on the official website. People from various parts of the world, including the US, Canada, Brazil, Mexico, India, Singapore, Japan, Malaysia, Thailand, Indonesia, and Australia, can watch the drama with subtitles on various streaming platforms, including Netflix.

Business Proposal Episode 5 Recap

The fifth chapter of this mini-series primarily focussed on the revenge plot of Tae Mu. He wanted to let Ha Ri know that she should not have messed up with him. Tae Mu made things difficult for Ha Ri by forcing her to work overtime. While Ha Ri was struggling because of all the extra work given to her by the CEO, Tae Mu was not happy to see her trying to meet the expectations.

Business Proposal
A promotional still of SBS drama Business Proposal Twitter/SBS

Things took an unexpected turn after drunk Ha Ri confessed to Tae Mu about faking her identity. He decided to end this fake relationship mainly because he started developing feelings for her. He went abroad on a business trip with Sung Hoon to forget Ha Ri. Since things did not go his way, he returned to South Korea.

Tae Mu had no plans to meet Ha Ri, but his grandfather arranged a dinner for the couple. They could not say no to him. They were on their way to meet the chairman when Sung Hoon called Tae Mu to inform him about an unfortunate incident. Young Seo's flatmate was secretly filming her, and Sung Hoon helped her catch the culprit.