Burning Sun Gate: New Charges Against Seungri, Yoo In Suk; Kim Sang Kyo Brings Up Hyoyeon's Name

Seungri, along with Yoo In Suk, faced fresh charges of inciting gang violence.

Former BIGBANG member Seungri, who underwent hearing in eight cases in the Burning Sun scandal faced fresh charges involving affiliation with gang violence. Seungri attended his seventh court hearing in the case at the Yongin Ground Operations Military Court on Jan. 14.

Former CEO of Burning Sun Club Yoo In Suk also faced fresh charges along with Seungri. The prosecution stated that Seungri picked a fight against a customer in the club on Dec.30, 2015. The customer is said to have intruded on a private room where Seungri was consuming alcohol. When more people got involved in the fight, Seungri is said to have informed Yoo In Suk using Kakao chat room. This led to Yoo In Suk directing members of a gang to attack and threaten the customers.

Seungri Hyoyeon
Fresh charges have been made against Seungri in the Burning Sun scandal. Girls' Generation's Hyoyeon's nase. ame is also being mentioned in the case. Instagram/Twitter

"The defendant Lee Seung Hyun (Seungri) colluded with Yoo In Suk and threatened the victims, partaking in an overt display of force. As a result, he must be indicted as a culprit in eliciting violence," stated the prosecution. However, Seungri's lawyers have refuted these claims. These charges are likely to be taken up during the next hearing. It can be noted that Seungri's side has also refuted the singer's involvement in seven out of eight charges made earlier in the Burning Sun scandal.

Kim Sang Kyo Brings Up Hyoyeon's Name

The first informant of the Burning Sun scandal, Kim Sang Kyo asked Girls' Generation's Hyoyeon to reveal information about the VVIP customer on the night he was beaten up by the Burning Sun Club security guards.

Kim Sang Kyo took to Instagram to say that Hyoyeon should to "fess up" about what she saw at club 'Burning Sun' on the night of the incident. In November 2018, Kim Sang Kyo was assaulted by the security guards and management staff of the Burning Sun Club. But later, cops arrested Kim Sang Kyo as the assailant.

Kim Sang Kyo also had claimed that cops had used force against him. This had opened up further investigations into various cases surrounding the Burning Sun Club. The allegations against Seungri, Yoo In Suk and others involved in the case include bribery, illegal use of business funds, solicitation of prostitution, and more.

Last December, the Seoul Central District Court freed two Gangnam police officers of all the charges due to a lack of proof. This made Kim Sang Kyo start posting again about Burning Sun scandal on his social media. His latest post is urging Girls' Generation's Hyoyeon to speak up about the incident.

His post read: "Who was the top actress high on drugs and drooling, that the police officers were not allowed inside the [Burning Sun] club that night? Hyoyeon, you must have seen who the VVIP customers were that night. Speak out about the man who was high on drugs when he beat me inside the club, you must know if he's Seungri's friend. It's about time you fessed up. It won't be long now. It's up to you all, whether or not the identities of the numerous celebrities affiliated with 'Burning Sun' will be revealed against your will, or if you're going to cooperate."