Bucha Massacre in Ukraine Perpetrated by Chechen Muslim Fighters, Reveals Mayor of the Town

The Bucha massacre in Ukraine was prepared and executed by the Chechen Muslim fighters, revealed the mayor of the town. Mayor Anatoliy Fedoruk also revealed that 300 people were killed by the Chechen fighters and many of the dead bodies are still lying on the roads of the town.

The mayor has revealed that the area was under the control of Chechen forces for weeks and the horrors emerging here are the results of the atrocities committed by the Chechen fighters.

Chechen leader Ramzan Kadyrov had also sent his troops to Ukraine two days after Russia invaded the country.

Bucha dead bodies on road
Dead bodies lying in the streets of Bucha Twitter/@FedorovMykhailo

Corpses Found

The town was liberated recently when the Russian troops started focusing on the east of Ukraine and started withdrawing from the other areas.

Fedoruk had shown to the journalists in the area two corpses, which he said were Ukrainian residents, with a white cloth tied around their arms. One of the corpses was shot in the mouth.

Bucha dead bodies on road
Dead bodies lying in the streets of Bucha Twitter/@FedorovMykhailo

Several videos and pictures have been released by the Ukrainian government showing the dead bodies of civilians lying on the roads. Many journalists have visited the town after it was liberated and confirmed Kyiv's stance. But Russia is maintaining pictures and videos of Bucha released by Ukraine as an attempt of provocation.

Shattered Buildings

Visuals of the town have shown that the buildings were shattered and streets were strewn with corpses. Fedoruk stressed that any war has some rules but Russians in Ukraine were killing civilians.

Bucha, nearly 23 miles northwest of Kyiv, is very strategic for Russia during the war as the town is close to the border which helps them to send more troops into the area easily.

The town is believed to have witnessed the worst scene during the war as it went under the controls of the Russians just a few days after they invaded the country.

Russians could not cross Bucha and Irpin in large numbers as they met with a fierce response from Ukrainian forces. The scenes at Bucha have suggested that Russians could have termed other towns in the same condition that they had controlled for weeks.