Bubonic Plague: 11 Die in Congo After Vomiting Blood, as New Outbreak Spreads

The Bubonic Plague has killed 11 people in the latest worrisome Black death surge in the Democratic Republic of Congo. At least 15 cases of the devastating disease have been reported between April 23 and May 8 in Ituri Province of the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC), which recently fought with another epidemic, called 'Ebola' in recent years.

The director of Ituri's Provincial Health Department (DPS), Dr. Luis Tshulo said that the Bubonic plague victims showed symptoms such as fever, headache, cough, and ultimately vomiting blood. The first case of the plague was reported in the Bukachele health zone, where a woman was reported dead from the infection.

"A week later, on April 30, a 30-year-old man also died after showing the same kind of symptoms. On May 8, there was another man who died. We were alerted when there were already five deaths in this health area in the same family," Dr. Tshulo said.

Black death
Black death outbreak kills 11 in Congo Web Screen grab

He further added that afterwards, two persons who had gone to the burial place in Bukachele became seriously ill on their return and died in Bule.

Since 2020, as many as 461 cases of bubonic plague, including 31 deaths in 8 health zones - Logo, Biringi, Kambala, Linga, Rimba, Rethy, Aungba, and Aru related to the disease have been reported in Ituri.

Bubonic Plague Infection: How can it spread?

The Bubonic Plague, which is a highly infectious and fatal disease, is spread by flees. The disease is caused by the bacterium yersinia pestis, which is found most commonly in rats. However, other rodents like ground squirrels, chipmunks, prairie dogs, rabbits and marmots in China can also be the carrier of the deadly bacteria.

Bubonic Plague Treatment

The Bubonic plague can be treated with antibiotics if started early enough. People infected with this plague must be immediately hospitalized. The plague is curable in most cases and can be successfully treated with antibiotics, which work best if given within 24 hours of the first symptoms.

Bubonic Plague in China: Watch [VIDEO]

Bubonic Plague or 'Black Death'

The bubonic plague is also known as the 'Black Death' in the Middle Ages. The 'Black Death started in the Himalayan Mountains of South Asia in the 1200s due to the cramped and dirty living conditions of humans who lived in close contact with rodents infected by the bacteria. The fleas would drink the blood of these rodents and then pass the infection onto humans by biting them.

Yersinia pestis is treatable with antibiotics if started early enough.