BTS Spills About Concert Tour, Upcoming Track

BTS members RM, Suga, Jin, Jimin, J-Hope, V, and Jungkook recently revealed that they missed a lot during this pandemic period, especially the interaction with their fans. Although K-pop idols have been organizing several online events for their followers, they cannot have face-to-face interactions with their fans through concerts and fan meetings.

The young Korean heartthrobs shared their plans for fans during their interview on BBC Radio 1 Live Lounge. While Suga said they are just waiting for the pandemic to end for organizing a concert tour, J-Hope said the boys want to regain the love and energy they use to receive through offline concerts.

"If we could see our Army at concerts and have interviews like this in person, it might have helped us. But we have not had a lot is chances to reciprocate their love. So it is a bit difficult. We are aware. We just have not been able to express it as much as we wanted to. I hope there will be more opportunities for us to convey our gratitude in the future," Jungkook added.

Meanwhile, RM recollected the time they needed to meet Army twice a day to energize themselves. But it's been nearly two years since they had direct interaction with their fans. So, the group is just waiting for the pandemic to end and meet their fans.

BTS members are likely to come up with a new track soon. Instagram

BTS Concert Tour

The seven-member boy group is planning to celebrate the end of this pandemic with a concert tour. They want to go travel across the globe and meet their fans around the world. However, they want to do it specially.

"We want to gather people belonging to various ages and backgrounds from all over the world in one place and perform for them in front of thousands of people in our dream. We are hoping to make it happen one day," Jin explained.

BTS Upcoming Track

The young Korean heartthrobs are likely to come up with a new track shortly. Band member Suga hinted about a hip-hop track that could be released soon. According to him, there are no clear-cut boundaries between genres now, and the fans can look forward to some hip hop tracks in their future albums.

Suga also hinted that the fans might not have to wait too long for the track. It will be released one day, he added.

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