BTS likely to meet No1 fanboy John Cena who wanted to be their bodyguard; credit goes to Jimmy Fallon

John Cena had earlier declared himself as a fan of BTS and had asked if they want a bodyguard in a tweet

WWE legend John Cena is the number one fanboy of BTS. And guess what, thanks to Jimmy Fallon show, BTS is likely to meet the wrestler soon. Jimmy Fallon during a show featuring BTS offered to help make in-person meeting with John Cena possible.

Previously, in 2018, John Cena had admitted that he was a fan of BTS. Cena saw a picture of J-Hope of BTS and one can say he fell for it. He started researching about the same and turned out to be ARMY.

Did John Cena wanted to be BTS's bodyguard?

Twitter/BTS Official

Since 2018, John Cena has posted many posts regarding BTS and even updates on their new album. At one time, John Cena even tweeted asking BTS if they need a bodyguard. "I've had a little trouble keeping up lately but does BTS need a bodyguard? Crazy because I've been touring with them for years, they just can't see me. #GotYourSix," Tweeted John Cena.

In the same way, BTS also openly admitted that they are fans of John Cena and have grown up watching him wrestle. As much as Cena wants to meet the K-pop band members, BTS too wants the same and is eagerly waiting for it. Looks like everything culminated during the Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon, it was revealed how much BTS likes John Cena.

BTS loves John Cena

John Cena
John Cena. WWE

BTS' RM told during the show that they wanted to see him. "He's a big fan of us, and we're the big fan of him, yeah it's like, mutually, of course," he said. RM also said that John Cena loves J-Hope. "We were always watching WWE when we were like 13, like 15."

By then, Jungkook shouted, "John Cena!" The entire BTS gang sand and hummed the theme music of World Wrestling Entertainment (WWE) music. All this did not go unnoticed by John Cena. He too took to Twitter to express his fanboy moment and wrote: "Hope one day we can meet!"

Thanking Jimmy Fallon for the offer, John Cena wrote: "Pardon my language but HOLY SH*T!!! @jimmyfallon as if I couldn't love you any more!! @bts_bighit @BTS_twt are huge @WWE fans!! Exploding headExploding headExploding head Hope one day we can meet!! You're amazing Jimmy Fallon! FallonTonight."

John Cena even tagged BTS ARMY in his tweet. Not only BTS and John Cena, but the entire army is also waiting for the meeting between the two. Here is the BTS interview with Jimmy Fallon:

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