Is BTS Jungkook Richer Than his Rumoured Girlfriend Blackpink's Lisa? Check out the Net Worth of the Alleged Couple

In the Korean entertainment industry, there are many celebrity couples, and there are as many couples whose relationships have not been confirmed either by them or their agencies. And one such item is said to be BTS' Jungkoo and Blackpink's Lisa, according to the rumour mills.

Blackpink's Lisa and BTS Jungkook
Blackpink's Lisa and BTS Jungkook. Instagram

Jungkook and Lisa are two big names in K-pop. So, the media and the public have been quite curious about their relationship, leading to lots of speculations. Officially, they are considered as close friends, but for the rumour mills and a section of fans, they are more than "just friends", the often-quoted line by people from the showbiz.

BTS' Jungkook vs Blackpink's Lisa's Net Worth
If the above rumours are true, the stars will not only be one of the fan-favourite couples in the Korean entertainment industry, but also they will probably become one of the richest couples in the industry.

Jungkook and Lisa have become brands in their own right and command a huge fan following across the globe. This popularity, in simple terms, translates into money.

Jungkook's Net Worth
According to reports, Jungkook's net worth is estimated to be around $20 million. In 2019, he had earned $7 million from the world tour alone. The 23-year old also had the stakes of Big Hit Entertainment worth $7.9 million as of 2020.

He also owns an expensive mansion in Itaewon, Korea, and the estimated price of the property is $7 million.

Lisa's Net Worth
Lisa is the richest member among the Blackpink members. Although all the four-member are equally paid by their agency, she earns little more than others through endorsements. She is the face of products like Samsung Galaxy, CELINE, BVLGARI, and Penshoppe among many other brands.

The Thai girl hails from a well-off family and her stint has easily made one of the richest idols in the K-pop industry. As per a report, her estimated net worth is over $12 million.

It means Jungkook is richer than Lisa as of May 2021.