BTS Disband Trends Online as Boy Group Plans to Release Butter Remix with Megan Thee Stallion

BTS Disband is trending on Twitter worldwide as the boy band members are getting ready to release their new song on Friday with rapper Megan Thee Stallion. Several K-pop fans got confused after seeing the hashtag trend on the social network site. Some of them came forward to know the real reason behind this trend.

Shortly, the social networking site attached a message with the trending hashtag #BTSDisband that stated that the topic started trending due to a fan war between the two K-pop bands. The message read: "BTS is not disbanding, but there is a conflict within the K-pop fan community.

Some of the K-pop fans quickly came forward and criticized the people who were behind the trending hashtag. While a few Korean music lovers stated that it is not the right way to support an idol group, others stated that this message could hurt those who love both bands.

BTS Butter ft Megan Thee Stallion will be released on August 27. Twitter/BTS

Twitter Reactions

People who trend hateful messages like BTS disband or BLACKPINK disband, you are not helping your preferred idols by harassing other people. Also, a lot of people are fans of both bands. So maybe you could act more maturely towards artists you dislike.

I am ARMY and BLINK waiting for the fan war to end so I can go back to enjoying their music.

Why you all are blaming it on the fans and not the band? Baby, it is both of them. They are both to blame. We did not start it.

Blinks are bored because their favorites always have different sponsors or activities, they get two or no songs a yea, they never get any content. So, they are bullying the army for fun instead of streaming their favorite music.

It is always the Blinks that trend this hashtag. I mean it is boring to listen to the same songs time and again. When they have too much time in their hands, they do such things.

Fan War

This is not the first time BTS disbands are trending online. Ever since their debut in 2013, the seven-member boy group has been dealt with several disbanding rumors. It usually occurs when the fans of another K-pop band decide to show their disapproval of this band. The fans of BTS and BLACKPINK, known as ARMY and BLINK, get involved in fan wars online.

However, the boy group thought of ending their musical career three years back due to work pressure. Band member Jin spoke about their plans to disband during his speech at the MNET Asian Music Awards 2018.

"We suffered a lot this year...we even thought about disbanding, but we all gathered our hearts together again. Receiving this award, I am glad that it lead to a good result," he said.

BTS to Release Butter Remix

The boy band members -- RM, Suga, J-Hope, Jin, Jungkook, V, and Jimin – are gearing up to release the remix of their hit song Butter in association with rapper Megan Thee Stallion this Friday. ARMY is desperately waiting for the release of this new song.

"Ok, BTS is not disbanding and we have a remix for butter this Friday," a Twitter user wrote.

Megan getting all the royalties, won the court case, more #1 for the tannies and Megan, butter has not left the charts HOT BANGTAN SUMMER," another Twitter user wrote.

The stallion had plans to release the remix of BTS' hit song Butter on August 27, but she claimed that her label 1501 Certified Entertainment and its CEO Carl Crawford barred her from releasing the song. So she submitted a petition in Harris County, Texas, seeking emergency relief from the court on Tuesday, and a judge ruled that she is free to release the song.

BTS Butter ft Megan Thee Stallion will be released on August 27 at 1 pm KST (midnight EST).

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