'BTS is Back' as OT7; Lend Their Voice to a New Soundtrack For a Korean Animated Movie Bastions

Other K-Pop idols also contributed to the OST

It is an undeniable fact that K-Pop boy band BTS is a worldwide craze. However, the band went on a long hiatus as each of its members has to go for mandatory military service one by one, in the next few months. This had left their fandom 'Army' in a sad mode, waiting for their possible return. But now there is exciting news coming in for BTS Army, their favorite band. BTS has crooned the theme song for an upcoming animated movie Bastions.


When the news was broken on the social media platform Twitter, 'BTS is Back' became the top trend of the microblogging site's search list on Friday morning. However, this return is not permanent. The song was recorded before their eldest member Jin's military enlistment. The song will include the full BTS lineup.

Thymos Media announced on Friday morning that BTS would be singing the theme song of the new 3D animated superhero film Bastions. The 3D- animation movie revolves around superheroes fighting for environmental protection. Apart from BTS, many other K-pop idols like former Brave Girls, Heize, Alexa, Seo Jay, Kang Min Seo, and P. Cassady have also contributed to the original sound tracks of the movie.

BTS is not only popular in Korea they have proved their worth worldwide many times, by being nominated for Grammy awards for 3 consecutive years and in AMA for 5 consecutive years. They even got a personal invitation from US President Joe Biden to the White House and addressed a press briefing on 'Anti-Asian hate crimes' and the conversation with Joe Biden on the same issue.

BTS's OT7 soundtrack will give a worldwide promotion to the movie and BTS Army would love to listen to this track by their favorite seven scintillating stars. The movie will be broadcast for the first time on May 14, however, a sneak peek video is already released on YouTube today.

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