Brooklyn Subway Attack: Black Man Identified as Shooting Suspect, People React to Horrifying Incident on Twitter

Police Commissioner Keechant Sewell says, "Subway shooting Suspect is a black man of medium height and large build.

In one of the most horrifying subway shooting attack, at least 23 people have been injured after a person wearing a wearing a green construction-like vest and a gray hooded sweatshirt opened fire at a crowded subway station platform in Sunset park on Tuesday, April 12, 2022. Police are now looking for the shooter who fled the scene wearing a gas mask.

According to latest reports, police commissioner Keechant Sewell has described the suspect in Brooklyn subway shooting as "a Black man of medium height and a large build."

To this a Twitter user said, "So you really want us to believe a chubby fat black man ran into a NEWYORK subway... shot 30 ppl wearing this( this could be anyone with brown skin) and made it out the subway... with gas grenades And an automatic? And nobody saw where went? #Brooklyn #Shooting."

Well, the person of interest in the Brooklyn Subway attack has been identified by the NYPD as Frank R. James, 62, who had also made bizarre threatening rants on YouTube. NYPD has also released James picture identifying him as the shooting suspect.

Brooklyn Shooting Suspect
Twitter Screen Grab

Meanwhile, shocking footage of the mass shooting at the 36th Street station in Sunset Park shows blood-soaked victims from the R train lying on the floor of the station while bystanders attend to them post the terrifying attack.

Mayor Eric Adams Says, "This is terror"

Meanwhile, Mayor Eric Adams has told CNN that it is "premature" to say whether the Brooklyn shooting was an attack motivated by terrorism. "This is terror," Adams expressed, adding that the attacker used a smoke device and "was trying to terrorize the subway system."

However, it has been reported that NYPD has stated that Brooklyn shooting is not being investigated as act of terrorism.

NYPD Gives an update of Brooklyn Mass Shooting:

People Fearing For Their Lives React To Brooklyn Subway Attack on Twitter

"My brother is okay and was not on or near the subway in Brooklyn during this mornings horrible shooting. Thoughts and prayers to those injured. " a user tweeted.

"Was stuck in the F train trying to get to work in Brooklyn while that shooting was going down a few stops away. Crazy," another terrified user wrote on Twitter.