Brooklyn Subway Attack: Shocking Footage Shows Bloody Aftermath of Shooting at Subway Station Where 'Undetonated' Explosives Were Also Found [GRAPHIC]

A gunman is on the run in Brooklyn after shooting at least 13 people on a packed subway station platform in Sunset Park during rush hour on Tuesday and "several undetonated devices" were also found, the Fire Department of New York said.

The FDNY said 13 people were rushed to local hospitals. At least five people are believed to be injured, with four said to be either shot or hit by shrapnel and another shot on the R train at the 36th Street station in Sunset Park. One person is in critical condition.

Gunman Fled Wearing Gas Mask, Orange Construction Vest

Brooklyn subway attack
Victims being attended to on the subway platform in the aftermath of the attack. Twitter

It's unclear where the gunman is now but NYPD units are looking for him. An NYPD spokesman could only confirm that a shooting had taken place and that no one was in custody. The gunman fled the scene wearing a gas mask and an orange construction vest.

Multiple undetonated devices have been found at the scene that the FDNY is now working to remove safely. "Originally, the call came in as smoke in the subway station. Upon arrival, officers found multiple people shot and the explosive devices," an FDNY spokesman said.

The NYPD later tweeted that there were no active explosives on the scene. "In regard to the multiple people shot at the 36th Street subway station in Brooklyn, there are NO active explosive devices at this time. Any witnesses are asked to call @NYPDTips at #800577TIPS. Please stay clear of the area. More provided information when available," NYPD tweeted. It is not yet confirmed if this was a terror attack.

Footage on Social Media Shows Blood-Soaked Victims

Shocking footage shows victims covered in blood on the Subway platform as smoke billowed out of the train. Images circulating on social media also show blood strewn across the floor of the train in the aftermath of the terrifying attack.

Meanwhile, others had lost shoes and had their clothes torn as the New York subway's speaker system blared out messages to the passengers. Commuters were urged to get on a different train to safety while the wounded were being treated by emergency services.

Another clip, shot by one of the commuters on the train, showed the moment the train stopped at the subway station and terrified commuters, including victims, rushing out of the train before the injured were attended to on the platform.