Broken Skull Sessions: After Undertaker, Steve Austin to interview CM Punk?

CM Punk and Stone Cold Steve Austin
CM Punk and Stone Cold Steve Austin. WWE

CM Punk might get possibly closer to WWE if the latest rumours turn out to be true. Well, the WWE is keen on having him on Steve Austin's new interview series Broken Skull Sessions.

As per PWInsider, the officials from the WWE have pitched the idea of bringing CM Punk to Steve Austin's show as a guest for a future episode. There is no official confirmation over it yet.

CM Punk had ended his association on a bitter note after staying in the company for years. Recently, he appeared on a FS1's WWE backstage. Although he has got into contract with Fox to give his expert analysis, the WWE observers do not turn away the possibility of him returning to the ring someday.

In an interview with ESPN, Austin has said that he is a fan of CM Punk, but refused to speculate about his entry. "Pure speculation, but he's certainly young enough and in good enough shape to do it. I know that he's still doing his MMA training, so I know that means he's in shape. I don't know, that's completely up to CM Punk. But I'm just excited that he's back with the WWE,"

However, Triple H, (Paul Michael Levesque), Executive Vice President of Talent, Live Events and Creative for WWE, said that he has not spoken to CM Punk over the issue, yet. "To be honest, we have not had that conversation. I know he's working for FOX and it's a bit of an arm's length from us. All of this stuff is baby steps, when people want something so bad, it's like they're saying, 'So you're saying there's a chance.' That's the moment of time that we're in," WWE Inc quoted him as saying.

He says that people should be happy because CM Punk is back in the business again and repeated his often said line, "never say never." However, he indicates that there is a long way to go before such wish becomes a reality.

Coming back to The Broken Skull Sessions, the show took off on Sunday, 24 November, immediately after Survivor Series went off air. The Under Taker was the first guest on the show where he spoke about his 3-decade career in WWE and other aspects of life.