British Woman Says She Was Kidnapped by Aliens 52 Times, Shows Scars to Prove Her Abduction

A woman hailing from Britain claims to have been kidnapped by aliens 52 times and says she can prove her statements as she has scars and marks on her body left by the extraterrestrial beings.

The 50-year-old woman named Paula Smith says her first abduction occurred when she was a little girl and her body has bruises all over after being kidnapped for another 51 times by aliens.

Paula Smith Kidnapped By Aliens 52 Times
Paula Smith claims to have been kidnapped by aliens 52 times. (Image - Caters News

She also drew a large oil painting depicting the alien creatures she saw and has hanged it at her home. The painting shows the alien similar to human shape but with wider eyes, bigger head and leaner body.

Paula claimed she has been inside UFO's and was introduced to new technology by aliens and is nothing when compared to the technology humans use on Earth and said they have access to superior systems.

Paula Smith Kidnapped By Aliens 52 Times
Paula Smith's oil painting depicting aliens. (Image - Caters News

''I was on a craft and the aliens showed me ­technology we didn't have. They showed me a slideshow of pristine scenery which had a beautiful river which then turned black. The blue sky went blood red and I soon realized it was a movie of the Earth being destroyed through man's greed,'' she said to the DailyStar.

Paula also shared images of her bruises to Caters News which includes a triangular bruise on her face that has turned brown and fingerprint marks on her arm which portrays the letter 'W'. She also showed four dots on her legs, two big and two small claiming the bruises to be fingerprint marks of aliens imprinted on her body.

Paula Smith Kidnapped By Aliens 52 Times
Paula Smith shows the bruises on her arm left by aliens. (Image - Caters News

The woman also stated that ever since her first abduction by aliens since she was little, they came after her regularly and was picked up from her bedroom window while she was lying on her bed.

When asked why she never informed anyone despite being kidnapped several times, Paula revealed she feared people might call her crazy and kept the secrets all to herself.

''I didn't tell anybody because I know ­people would think I am crazy. But there are thousands, if not millions of people like me out there who have similar experiences,'' she said.

Paula Smith Kidnapped By Aliens 52 Times
Paula Smith shows scars on her leg made by aliens. (Image - Caters News

Paula, who works in a private transport sector, says she was first taken by aliens in 1982 while she wandered into the woods nearby her home and saw a spacecraft with beaming lights coming after her.

She stated that her parents were tensed that she was missing for four hours and after being released by aliens, she ran home but didn't inform her parents about the extraterrestrial kidnapping.