Brian Laundrie's Parents Leave Florida Home as They Won't Hold Funeral Service for Their Son

Laundrie's autopsy was inconclusive and his remains have now been sent to anthropologists to determine the exact cause of his death.

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Brian Laundrie's family has decided not to hold a funeral service for their son, as they await further details about his death. Instead, his remains will be cremated and given to his parents, 'when the time comes' the family's lawyer Steve Bertolino said. The family has requested for privacy.

Laundrie's parents Christopher and Roberta were seen leaving their home on Sunday for the first time since police told them that their son was found dead in a Florida forest. Laundrie's autopsy was inconclusive and his remains have now been sent to anthropologists to determine the exact cause of his death.

Family in Mourning

Chris and Roberta Laundrie
Chris and Roberta Laundrie seen at the Florida Park where human remains believed to be that of Brian Laundrie were found on Wednesday Twitter

Christopher and Roberta had holed up at the Florida home for four days since their son's death. However, they finally left their home on Sunday morning. The couple, who are in mourning, were seen getting into their red Dodge Ram.

Christopher, in a gray t-shirt and dark shorts, quickly got in the driver's side of the truck while Roberta, in blue cut-off jeans and carrying a large green bag, hopped in the other side. It was not known there the couple were heading.

Brian Laundrie dead
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The family was being followed by news crew. Realizing that, Christopher stopped the vehicle, got down and spoke to them. "Please let me grieve with my family," he told them and left.

Bertolino later said that the family will wait till they learn the actually cause of Laundrie's death. Meanwhile they have decided not to hold any funeral for their son. Instead, his remains will be cremated and handed over to Christopher and Roberta.

Everything a Mystery

Brian Laundrie belongings
An FBI agent carrying Brian Laundrie's belongings found at Myakkahatchee Creek Environmental Park Twitter

The examination by anthropologist is expected to determine Laundrie's cause of death. The same was done in case of his girlfriend Gabby Petito's death, which revealed that she died of strangulation. Although the cause behind Laundrie's death will get known, the really story behind the homicide of Petito may never get known.

Laundrie was named a person of interest in Petito's disappearance on September 15. Two days later, he disappeared. For the first week of Petito's missing persons investigation, the Laundrie family refused to cooperate with authorities, directing all questions to their attorney.

On September 19, Petito's remains were found in a Wyoming park, while police kept searching for Laundrie. Last Wednesday, police found a notebook and backpack along with Laundrie's remains in a Florida forest, a place that was previously submerged under water three feet deep and was ignored by the authorities.

Gabby Petito
Gabby Petito Instagram

Following Laundrie's death, his parents haven't been seen much although they had joined the FBI in the search for their son when his belongings were located last week. Christopher has emerged from the couple's home only infrequently since two police officers arrived on Thursday to confirm bones found in the alligator-infested Carlton Reserve were the remains of his fugitive son.

He pounded in 'no trespassing signs' into his lawn on Saturday near the shrine mourners have created on his lawn to murdered Gabby Petito, 22. The notebook now remains the only hope in this case if Laundrie had at all written anything about what went wrong between Petito and him.

This article was first published on October 25, 2021