Bree Kuhn: Florida Navy Officer Locks Husband in Garage and Fatally Shoots Him While He Calls 911

The couple's three children were also present at their family home during the shooting but didn't witness the murder.

A gorgeous looking navy officer has been accused of locking her husband in their garage and then fatally shooting him when he tried to talk to a 911 dispatcher following an argument. Bree Kuhn, 34, who is an officer at Naval Air Station Pensacola, was arrested on Wednesday and was charged with first-degree premeditated murder in the death of Collin James Turner, 34.

An investigation is still on and police believe that Kuhn had pre-planned the murder as the couple often used to fight over their child. According to police, the couple's three children were also present at their family home during the shooting.

Aggression Leads to Murder

Bree Kuhn
Bree Kuhn Santa Rosa County Sheriff's Office

Although the three children were inside the house, authorities said that they believe that the children didn't witness the gruesome murder. Kuhn and Turner often used to argue about their children and on Wednesday night they had a fight again.

"It´s just a sad case - a very sad case - of people arguing, and then, it gets to this point," Santa Rosa County Sheriff Bob Johnson said during a news conference on Thursday.

Turner wanted to take his children out of state, while Kuhn wouldn't allow that. The dispute eventually became heated, said Johnson, and officers were sent to the scene twice before the fatal shooting as the argument started early on in the day.

Dispatchers first visited the home around 12:53pm on Wednesday, when Kuhn called 911. At that time they found no evidence of a physical altercation and left.

Around 5 pm a second 911 call was made. This time it was Turner who made the call. The officers visited again but found nothing alarming and once again left. Although officers realized that they were fighting over their children, they didn't take them to custody. "We follow the rule of law," Johnson said. "They were arguing over kids, so there was no reason to take them into custody."

Police Stunned

crime scene
A crime scene (For representational purposes onlu). Pixabay

Things turned worse an hour later when dispatcher reached the scene for the third time after Turner made a call again. At around 6:22 pm, Turner called 911 and asked for help as he claimed that Kuhn had locked him in the garrage. "While on the phone, he says that he´s locked in the garage," Johnson said at the news conference.

"During the phone call with dispatch, you hear gunshots. He states, basically, 'She just shot me.' Then, you hear three more," Johnson.

A total of four shots were fired with a personal handgun by Kuhn as Turner died, while officers could do nothing but listen to the entire thing. When cops arrived at the home four minutes later, they found Turner dead and Kuhn in a state of shock.

"I can´t go into what she said or anything like that," Johnson said. "But to put it the best way, I´d say [she was in] shock, probably. You´re a Navy chief one day, and the next day, you´re in jail."

Kuhn since has been arrested and charged with pre-meditated first-degree murder. According to his Facebook posts, Turner was also in the military.

Johnson said two of their children were placed in the custody of the Florida Department of Children and Families, while a third child was turned over to their biological father. Kuhn was booked into the Santa Rosa County Jail and is being held without bond.