BREAKING: Goblin episode 11 airs tonight; Lee Dong Wook talks about the Grim Reaper

Lee Dong-wook says Grim Reaper is his most memorable role yet.

Lee Dong-wook
Actor Lee Dong-wook.

As if the multitude of 'Goblin' fans weren't bubbling with excitement already, at the various revelations that happened on episode 10, now actor Lee Dong-wook has opened up about his experience of playing the Grim Reaper on the highly popular Korean drama.

As noted by website Soompi, actor Lee Dong-wook recently appeared for an interview on V Live and answered 15 questions about himself, the Grim Reaper character as well as the drama 'Goblin' itself. Recently, we learned that he had to fight hard to secure the role in 'Goblin.' The actor thinks it was worth it. "I thought about it a lot, and I think I made the right decision, being able to show a different side of myself to everyone," Dong-wook said.

On being asked what he thinks, is the most charming aspect of the otherwise grim character, he replied that it is the Grim Reaper's smile. "I think the most charming part of the grim reaper is that he appears cold when he's working, but he's actually got a warm heart. Personally, I like the warm side of the grim reaper more. His cute charm. And Sunny calls him cute all the time, so people really like that," the 'My Girl' actor said.

The actor joked that the Grim reaper must have a terrible job with little to no rest and poor remuneration for guiding souls to the afterlife. "As a job, it's terrible pay, long hours, and I've just gotten a house after 300 years of saving. Help me out a little," Dong-wook jokingly pleaded the interviewer.

He added that the Reaper, despite having to do such a joyless job, still has style, especially when he is offering that memory-wipe drink to departing souls, which suspiciously looks like tea liquor. "People really like this one. When escorting the dead, the grim reaper says, 'Drink the tea, it will make you lose your memories of this life.' It's like the grim reaper's signature," the 35-year old actor said.

Dong-wook also revealed that the idea of the Reaper storing Sunny's name on his phone in incorrect and broken words was his idea. "In the script, Sunny's name in my phone was just supposed to be 'Not Sun Hee, but Sunny,' but I thought the grim reaper wouldn't be too great at spelling, so I entered 'No t Sun Hee, b tu S u ny' (approximation of Korean misspelling). The director gave me the okay, and after the broadcast went out, viewers seemed to like it as well," he said.

He was also aware of the name fans ship the Reaper and Sunny with, 'peach couple.' "The fedora looks like a famous pizza brand logo, and Sunny is the owner of a chicken restaurant, so 'pichi.' It also means peach, so I like it," Dong-wook said. He also revealed that he really likes the creativity in the fan artworks and acknowledged their passion and skills.

As for his own hobbies, he said he has none. He just likes "watching movies by myself, listening to music... that's it." When he is not shooting, he spends his time playing "games on my phone, sleep, eat snacks." Even though he appears to be a very laid back person he's good at doing his household chores. "Yes. Cleaning, laundry, dishes, cooking. If I put my mind to it I'm good at it. But... even if I do cook, I eat alone, so I don't cook often," Dong-wook said.

Finally, he said that of all the acting projects he has worked on so far, his experience on 'Goblin' was the most memorable. "During my acting career, there's never been a character that I've particularly disliked or liked. But among those, I think the grim reaper, for many reasons, will be one that I remember for a very long time," Dong-wook said.

Episode 11 of 'Goblin' airs tonight.

This article was first published on January 6, 2017