BREAKING: Plane carrying Brazil football players of Chapecoense Real crashes, survivors likely

The charter flight was carrying members of Brazilian football club Chapecoense Real

plane with brazil football players crash
plane with brazil football players crash Martin Mazur/Twitter

UPDATE: Colombia's El Tiempo newspaper says hospitals in the region have been placed on "maximum alert". The authorities weigh in chances that "they might have to treat injured people who are thought to have survived the plane crash," the paper says. Medics in hospitals in places such as San Juan de Dios are preparing to receive patients.

Twitter user Martin Mazur says the plane that crashed in Colombia used to transport Argentina national team earlier this month.

Brazilian newspaper Record says the plane crash landed around Antioquia in the early hours of Tuesday,

An aircraft carrying 72 passengers and 9 crew members, including members of a Brazilian football team, has crashed in Colombia, aviation officials said.

The aircraft, a at went down is CP-2933, crashed while approaching Medellin in Colombia. According to the local media, the charter flight was carrying members of Brazilian football club Chapecoense Real. The initial reports said there are survivors have been reported.

The club was due to play against Atletico Nacional for the Copa Sudamerica finals in Medellin on Wednesday.

The Brazilian club are the finalists in the Copa Sudamericana tournament, according to Aeropuerto. The mayor of the Colombian city Medellin, Federico Gutierrez, has said he's heading to scene of the crash.

It's unclear how many of the planes 80 passengers survived. Authorities at Jose Maria Cordova airport in Medellin said the crash sie can only be accessed by land as weather conditions are severe.