Brazilian Bodybuilder Igor Porto Brandao's Wife Dies After He Left Her with Horror Injuries Before Claiming She 'Fell Ill While Cleaning'

Muscleman Igor, who reportedly has a history of domestic violence against Marcela and an ex-partner, was arrested last Friday.

A bodybuilder's wife has died after he allegedly left her with brain injuries, broken ribs, and a broken shoulder blade during a deadly attack. Marcela Luise, 31, spent 10 days unconscious in an intensive care unit at Santa Monica Hospital in Brazil following the alleged brutal assault by her husband while their daughter was at school.

Bodybuilder Igor Porto Brandao, who drove Marcela to the hospital, was soon arrested on suspicion of femicide after she was found to have suffered traumatic brain injuries, broken ribs, a broken shoulder blade, and bruises all over her face and body. Police launched an investigation into the case and have since made chilling revelations.

Killed His Wife in Rage

Igor Porto Brandao
Igor Porto Brandao with his wife Marcela Luise Facebook

Igor claimed that his wife sustained severe injuries after falling while cleaning at home. However, the mother was pronounced dead on Monday night after spending an agonizing week in the hospital fighting for her life.

Muscleman Igor, who reportedly has a history of domestic violence against Marcela and an ex-partner, was arrested last Friday after a post-mortem revealed that the injuries of his alleged victim were inconsistent with a fall.

The medical team at the hospital called in the specialized police force for women's assistance (DEAM), who began their investigations into Igor.

Speaking in an interview with TV Anhanguera, the investigator said: "The hospital contacted the police station informing them that there were multiple injuries, which is not consistent with a fall.

"She suffered head trauma on both sides of her head and at the base of her skull, fractured her collarbone, eight ribs and had several bruises on her body."

Anger Issues Ruins Life and Career

Igor Porto Brandao
Igor Porto Brandao Facebook

Igor has been remanded in prison pending an ongoing criminal investigation. Police chief Bruna Coelho said before his arrest, "He told the medical team she was cleaning the house when she slipped and fell.

"According to him she suffered convulsions and the injuries were caused by the fall.

"He said he gave her a bath and took her to hospital, where she was immediately taken to the operating theatre for surgery before being transferred to an intensive care unit."

She went on to describe the bodybuilder as someone with an "explosive and aggressive temperament," who had also had disputes with a neighbor and a supermarket worker.

The tragic news of Marcela's death was confirmed to local media on Wednesday by her aunt Fernanda Paula Miranda. Speaking to a Brazilian TV station while her niece was still fighting for her life in intensive care, Fernanda said, "She didn't work and he controlled her.

"He often told her she wasn't a good mum, that she didn't know how to do anything, insulted her and humiliated her."

Igor had over 12,000 followers on Instagram, where he presented himself as a nutritionist and fitness coach before the account was closed on Sunday.