Braun Strowman warns The Fiend aka Bray Wyatt after former becomes his new victim

Brawn Strowman
Brawn Strowman YouTube grab

Braun Strowman took to Twitter and warned Bray Wyatt for what the latter had done in the Monday Night RAW. The Fiend, alter ego of Wyatt interrupted the bout of WWE Universal champion Seth Rollins and Strowman and attacked the latter during the main round face-off of RAW.

The Fiend attacked the 36-year-old wrestler who was Bray's former ally and on September 24 took to Twitter and apologized for what had happened.

The 32-year-old wrestler asked forgiveness on behalf of his alter ego and mentioned, "Forgive us Braun. This will all make sense in the end. I'm losing control of it. I'm sorry. So sorry." In reply, Strowman stated that he is not the same person that Bray met some years ago and warned the 32-year-old wrestler for what he has done.

In response to that, the Fiend aka Wyatt requested the wrestler to stay away from him and mind his own business.

The Fiend has been harassing Seth Rollins for a long time since he defeated Strowman at the Clash of Champions to retain his WWE Universal Champion title.

Strowman and Bray have a long history with each other as they were allies at a certain point of time. The 36-year-old wrestler came to the main roster of RAW with the member of the Wyatt Family and was a team for sometime after which he decided to compete as a Singles star.

Watt has won the WWE RAW tag team championship once teaming up with Matt Hardy and has also won the WWE SmackDown tag team championship teaming up with Randy Orton and Luke Harper.

On the other hand, Strowman is the winner of the Money in the Bank event of WWE in 2018 and has also won the RAW tag team championship twice with Seth Rollins once and Nicholas on another occasion.

This article was first published on September 25, 2019