The Boyz member Kevin has an Olympian Lookalike; Meet South Korean High Jumper Woo Sang Hyeok

The Boys fans are looking forward to their sixth mini-album THRILL-ING on August 9, and they were confused to see band member Kevin competing at the Tokyo Olympics. Though they knew that it's not the Korean Canadian singer, who has created a new national record in the track-and-field event, the followers of this boy group were surprised to see the undeniable resemblance of Kevin with South Korean Jumper Woo Sang Hyeok.

Several K-pop fans started noticing the similarities between the two celebrities after the athlete stormed social media platforms with his new records in the track and field event and men's high jump. Music lovers around the world compared the athlete and the K-pop idol. They found a lot of similarities between them, including their facial structure and their personalities.

Kevin Moon
The Boyz Member Kevin Moon Twitter/The Boyz

'They Look Like Brother'

Their facial structure is quite similar, especially when Kevin has no makeup, a social media account holder wrote. Meanwhile, another social media user stated.

The Boyz fans would know, but their personalities are also similar. I thought Kevin was a nice person, but he is competing in the Olympics right before The Boyz' comeback. What a disappointment, another social media sarcastically wrote.

I had to check with and without my glasses to make sure that this athlete is not Kevin Moon from The Boys, a K-Pop fan tweeted.

Kevin Moon might have found his long lost brother while watching the Olympics South Korean high jumper Woo Sang Hyeok, another K-Pop fan tweeted.

Other messages about Kevin and Sang Hyeok ranged from I knew this athlete reminded me of someone, and they look like brothers to their cute behavior is also similar and OMG so similar doppelganger.

Kevin Moon
The Boyz member Kevin Moon and his Olympian lookalike South Korean high jumper Woo Sang Hyeok Twitter

Who is Woo Sang Hyeok?

The South Korean high jumper, 25, set a new national record in men's high jump by clearing 2.35 m in his first attempt. The previous record was created by Lee Jin Taek in 1997, who cleared 2.34 meters.

Born in Daejeon, South Korea, in 1996, the young athlete started representing his country in international competitions through the World Youth Championships in 2013. In the following year, he participated in World Youth Championships and Asian Games. He has won two gold's, a silver, and a bronze medal in international competitions since 2013.