Boy band Super Junior reveals favoutrite songs from past albums [FULL LIST]

Super Junior consists of five active members -- Leeteuk, Heechul, Yesung, Ryeowook and Kyuhyun.

South Korean boy band, Super Junior boasts of its incredible music composition. The thirteen band group is one of the best selling K-Pop groups in the industry, with numerous awards and recognition in its kitty.

Currently Super Junior consists of five active members including Leeteuk, Heechul, Yesung, Ryeowook and Kyuhyun, as the other remaining band members are busy with their mandatory military enlistment.

During the promotional post on social media, the ongoing band mates of the award winning boy band shared some of their personal favorites from their past nine albums, which will always remain close to their heart.

Here is the full list:

First album : Super Junior 05

Kyuhyun - "Believe" and wrote, "The melody, the lyrics are excellent".

Leeteuk - "So I" and wrote, "It's a song with a lot of 'likes', so I like it too".

Ryeowook - "Way For Love" and wrote, "The first song that I practiced choreography for after coming into SM"

Heechul - "Believe" also and wrote, "The first song I wrote lyrics for"

Second album: Don't Don' t

Kyuhyun - "Disco Drive"

Leeteuk - "Our Love"

Ryeowook - "Song For You", wrote : "It was difficult because I recorded it when I had a horrible cold T.T"

Heechul - "You're My Endless Love"

Yesung - "Mirror"

Third album: SORRY, SORRY

Kyuhyun - "Shining Star", wrote: "Memories from Super Show!"

Leeteuk -"SORRY, SORRY", wrote: "The song that opened the door for K-Pop".

Ryeowook - "Monster", wrote: "It has its own appeal, and it's a song I personally like very much".

Fourth album: Bonamana

Kyuhyun - "Your Eyes", wrote : "It's my first duet song so I like it!"

Leeteuk - "My All Is In You", wrote : "I've always wanted to sing it in concert"

Ryeowook - "Coagulation", wrote : "The arrangement is new, and the mix was well done, so I'm satisfied with it in all aspects."

Heechul - "One Fine Spring Day", wrote : "Ryeowook's grape candy voice is great!"

Yesung - "In My Dream"

Fifth album : Mr. Simple

Kyuhyun - "Storm" , wrote : "You can feel Kyu's "storm"-y vocals."

Leeteuk - "Andante"

Ryeowook - "Opera". wrote: "You can feel its strength in concert, and it's better with the choreography!"

Heechul - "Oops!!", wrote : "It's the kind full of air song that only I can write!

Yesung - "Sunflower"

Sixth album: Sexy, Free & Single and SPY

Kyuhyun - "Bittersweet"

Leeteuk - "Only U", wrote : "The song I wrote in tears right before enlisting"

Ryeowook - "A 'Good'bye", wrote : "My favorite Suju ballad! The parts are well-divided, and the hyungs sang it very well."

Seventh album: MAMACITA and This Is Love

Kyuhyun - "Mid-season", wrote : "A song that makes you want to travel."

Ryeowook - "MAMACITA" , wrote : "A song where we had to sing the high notes without Yesung hyung! I practiced it live very many times... I wonder how it'll sound if Yesung sings it!"

Heechul - "Evanesce", wrote : "My life's song, which gave me back my confidence in singing."

10th anniversary special album: Devil

Kyuhyun - "Devil"

Ryeowook - "Love at First Sight"

Yesung - "Simply Beautiful"

Repackaged special album: MAGIC

Kyuhyun - "Magic"

Ryeowook - "Dorothy"

Heechul - "Sarang"

Yesung - "Magic"

Adding on, over the years, the members of the group have been divided into smaller groups, simultaneously targeting different music industries and audiences. Their last music album as a whole group was Magic, which the boy band released to mark their 10th anniversary in September 2015. Reportedly, the repackaged special album was planned to thank the fans who loved and supported the group, included the 10 previously-released tracks from the original anniversary album, Devil.