Boulder Shooter Ahmad Al Issa Moved to Another Jail After Receiving Threats From Inmates

Boulder shooter Ahmad Al Issa has been moved to a different prison outside Boulder after the gunman received threats to his life from other inmates. He was kept inside a Boulder county jail after he was apprehended by the police following the shooting at the King Soopes grocery store earlier this week.

Ahmad Al Issa
Ahmad Al Issa's mugshot (left) and him being escorted our of King Soopers by police officers following the deadly shooting on Monday. Twitter

The jail authorities revealed that Ahmad was never put in direct contact with others in the jail. However, many inmates asked about him, making threats against his life, Jeff Goetz, Division Chief of the Boulder County Jail, told CNN.

Before moving to a new correctional facility, Ahmad appeared in court to hear the pending charges against him and his rights as a defendant. Pictures show the gunman in a wheelchair, as he was shot in the leg, and was seen being handcuffed during the hearing and wearing blue prison clothes.

Eric Talley
Eric Talley lost his life in Boulder shooting Instagram

The Syrian-born shooter spoke only once during the hearing telling the judge he understood his rights, as the judge read out that he faces ten counts of first-degree murder and one count of attempted murder, but added that additional charges are expected to be filed in the coming weeks.

However, Ahmad's attorneys requested to delay the trial for at least 3 months, so they can look into claims the 21-year-old suspect was mentally ill. The judge did not approve the request to delay the trial and the police have sealed off the supermarket, combing for more evidence.

Candle light vigils have been on in Boulder since the day of the shooting to pay tribute to those who lost their lives. Denver Nuggets coach Michael Malone, who headed a vigil, broke down while reading the names of the 10 fatalities. The vigil was attended by more than 500 people. A 24-year-old Boulder resident named Anna Chesny sang the religious hymn 'Ave Maria' during the mourning and moved many to tears.