Boston Police Caught With Truck Full of Bricks; Are They 'Planting' Them to Incite Violence?

Two police officers were filmed on a cell phone camera removing bricks from their truck and carefully placing them on a pallet inside an alleyway in Boston, Massachusetts.

The anger over George Floyd's death has led to protests across the country and the situation is worsening by the day. While some are protesting peacefully, others have resorted to violence, looting and vandalism to rebel against the law enforcement after Floyd was killed in custody when a Minneapolis police officer pinned him down with his knee over his neck last week.

A state of emergency has been declared in several states and the National Guard has stepped in to deal with the intensifying unrest. However, a new video clip has started circulating on social media suggesting that law enforcement might be inciting violence by leaving bricks on the street for protestors to use and damage property.

Boston Police Truck Filled With Bricks

Boston Police
A still from the video clip. Twitter / Alexander Parker

A video clip, shared by a Twitter user named Alexander Parker, shows two Boston Police officers unloading bricks from their truck inside what appears to be an alleyway as they carefully place them on a brick pallet on the right-side of the vehicle. The truck's bed is filled to the brim with hundreds of bricks.

The person recording the video points out that the bricks could be for undercover police officers or agent provocateurs that are getting involved in the protests to encourage violence so that police have an "excuse to beat the s**t out of them."

The video has garnered more than 350,000 views and racked up hundreds of comments with many claiming the police are "planting" bricks at protest sites and streets, which they claim is a tactic used to turn peaceful protests violent and justify the use of excessive force on rioters.

Piles of Bricks Mysteriously Show Up at Riot Hotspots

The video comes amid reports of pallets of bricks mysteriously showing up at riot hotspots across the country leading to speculation that the violence is being orchestrated either by white supremacists or law enforcement.

A group of protesters in Dallas called attention to the unexpected appearance of the construction material near the city's courthouse over the weekend in a video shared on social media. "Ain't no damn construction around here!," one of the protesters says in the clip as a stack of bricks can be seen on the sidewalk.

In a separate video, rioters in Manhattan New York City stumbled upon a "cache" of bricks conveniently placed in the middle of a bus lane along a protest route. Here are some more Twitter posts of sightings in other cities: