Bob Lee: Cash App Founder Attended Underground Sex, Drug Parties and Was Sleeping With the Sister of His Alleged Killer

Many of Lee's friends feared that he'd fallen into a dangerous lifestyle, surrounding himself with the wrong group of people.

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Cash App founder Bob Lee frequently attended underground sex and drug parties with other San Francisco elites including the sister of his alleged killer, according to a new report. Lee also was allegedly having an affair with his killer Nima Momeni's sister Khazar Momeni, which led to his murder in April.

Initially, it was believed that Lee's stabbing death on April 4 was the consequence of random violence in the city's violent neighborhood. However, friends of the tech mogul, now claim that Lee's night out with Khazar was to blame. Khazar, 37, is the wife of a prominent plastic surgeon. Nima Momeni has been charged with Lee's death.

Lot More Complicated

Bob Lee Khazar Momeni
Bob Lee and Khazar Momeni Twitter

Lee's death is now believed to be his indulgent lifestyle among the upper echelon of Bay Area society where cocaine and swingers were common, the Wall Street Journal reported.

Friends of Lee who spoke to the Journal claimed that Lee and Khazar Momeni, the wife of a well-known plastic surgeon from San Francisco, belonged to the same underground social group known as "The Lifestyle" and were casually sleeping together.

Khazar Elyassnia
Nima Momeni was likeley introduced to Bob Lee by his sister Khazar Momeni Twitter

Many of Lee's friends feared that he'd fallen into a dangerous lifestyle, surrounding himself with the wrong group of people.

The nature of the relationship between Lee and Khazar Momeni was unclear prior to the stabbing but court records indicate that Nima, a 38-year-old tech consultant who had known Lee for the past 10 years, questioned Lee about his sister.

Prosecutors had earlier said Momeni repeatedly stabbed Lee in the heart on April 4 after threatening to "come down hard on him" and questioning him about his relationship with Khazar, with whom the founder of the Cash App had exchanged racy text messages.

According to reports, Lee staggered around pleading for help before collapsing close to the Bay Bridge, only 16 minutes from Khazar's apartment.

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They said that Lee, 43, who had previously worked as a programmer for Google, was passionate about creating the Venmo rival.

However, Lee, also known as "Crazy Bob," allegedly used cocaine and ketamine while traveling to parties all over the world to relax.

Dark Secrets

Once, according to Harper Reed, the CEO of General Calacic Corporation, he and Lee even stripped to go to a party. At these rave parties, Lee—who was separated from his wife — would frequently have affairs with several women, including Khazar, according to people who spoke to the Wall Street Journal.

Nima Momeni
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The San Francisco Office of the Chief Medical Examiner's office released an autopsy report that showed Lee had cocaine and ketamine in his system at the time of his death.

On April 3, Nima – who sources claim was a loner at these parties and often stood in the corner -confronted Lee.

Nima allegedly asked Lee if he and his sister were "doing drugs or anything inappropriate." Lee gave him the reassurance that nothing improper had occurred.

Khazar Momeni
Khazar Momeni was in court to support her brother Nima Momeni on Friday Twitter

Lee was found dead with several stab wounds a short while later. Authorities now say Nima and Lee met up once again that evening at Khazar's plush apartment at Millennium Tower.

At around two in the morning on April 4, surveillance video captured the two getting into Nima's white BMW and driving away.

Nima Momeni is believed to have driven Lee to a secluded area several streets away, where he repeatedly stabbed the creator of the Cash app with a kitchen knife. Nima is then said to have left Lee in the middle of the street to bleed to death.

That evening, Lee was seen stumbling and pleading for help before collapsing near the Bay Bridge, only 16 minutes from Khazar's apartment.

Khazar texted Lee around the time of his murder to check on him, according to court records. "Just wanted to make sure you're doing ok Cause I know Nima came wayyyyyy down hard on you," she wrote.

"And thank you for being such a class manhandling it with class. Love you Selfish pricks."

Nima Momeni's friends have previously described how his life was falling apart as he battled a drug addiction 'that rendered him unable to reason and speak,' a fascination with firearms, and a history of abuse allegations from an ex-girlfriend.

Khazar Momeni
Khazar Momeni with her husband Twitter

"This is one of those things where [we'd say], 'Nima, you're cool, we love you, but you don't make full sentences,' a long-time friend told Mission Local on conditions of anonymity.

The friend said that he was extremely close to sister Khazar, to the detriment of other friendships.

"I don't know who Nima considered his closest group, besides his sister," they said. "He would do absolutely anything for her and she would do anything for him."

An ex-girlfriend said his personal life was equally troublesome. She told the outlet that "he was not nice behind closed doors. Called me probably the worst names I've ever been called."

She added that he would be possessive and threatening around other men and did not enjoy it. She was afraid he would eventually hurt her physically.

Khazar Momeni
Khazar Momeni with her husband Twitter

In fact, according to police reports, he allegedly pushed a woman at his California house in August 2022 as a result of his physical abuse.

"I honestly think that he's scary, and I always thought he was scary - after I got to know him," the ex-girlfriend said.

"She believes that he may be bipolar, because one minute he will be fine and the next he will go off for no reason," a police report said as he was cited by never charged with battery.

According to the source, he also frequented sex workers, and because of his interactions with them, his phone number appeared on a website that listed clients who might be harmful.

Nima was arrested on April 13 and charged with murder. If found guilty, he faces 26 years to life in prison. His attorney Paula Canny said he intends to plead not guilty.