BoA's upside down walk amazes fans

BoA in a teaser photo for her comeback
BoA in a teaser photo for her comeback (SM Entertainment/Twitter) SM Entertainment/Twitter

BoA, called as the Queen of K-Pop, has amazed her fans worldwide with her signature dance move that has "literally turned the K-pop world upside down".

The highly anticipated title track for "Woman" was released on October 24. The 9th studio album highlights the confidence of woman and it comes as no surprise that BoA walks upside down unflinching in her title track.

Ever since the release of the music video, BoA's fans have gone wild with her epic entrance and at the 10-second mark of the video; the star is seen strutting on-air flanked by an entourage of men.

The jaw-dropping choreography with BoA's flip has set her fans tweeting nonstop. Many fans were flabbergasted with the move and searched for any use of wires or slings. BoA took to her official Instagram handle to prove that the move was entirely based on her core strength and balance with support from her male dancers.

Speculations are rife that the inverted walk might be inspired by BoA's "Double" music video which was released in 2003. The innovative music video established BoA as a renowned female solo artist who opened the doors to the K-pop culture world.

The mind-boggling signature move in her latest video proves that BoA is the real queen of K-pop is and there seems to be no stopping her.

With the intense music video, the singer aims to show the determined, powerful side of a woman. BoA has penned the lyrics for the title track and video is composed by Jon Hume, Hookman and Ivy Adara.

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