BluShark: The Digital Marketing Experts Making Waves

BluShark Digital

The digital space is truly saturated, so it's a challenge for any kind of business to truly show up and stand out. BluShark Digital understands this need well, which is why they are committed to providing high-quality online solutions. Any company struggling with online visibility will benefit from the variety of services they have to offer.

BluShark Digital is the kind of digital marketing agency that offers a wide array of services so businesses can grow and succeed through local, organic, or paid searches. This team of passionate professionals makes use of cutting-edge techniques to successfully implement Search Engine Optimization (SEO) strategies to generate leads and make a lasting impression.

Now, there are many digital marketing agencies that promise the same thing. BluShark Digital manages to stand out from the competition by catering specifically to the legal sector. To understand why this is so, it's important to know how this agency came to be. Founder Seth Price was a founding partner of Price Benowitz LLP, a law firm that served individuals and families throughout Maryland, Virginia, and the District of Columbia.

As an accomplished attorney who was 100% committed to his work, Seth became interested in exploring the different ways to connect people to lawyers. He wanted to make it easy for people in need of legal services to find them at the right time. This was one of his main interests and he brought the idea to Price Benowitz.

His vision was to expand the firm's marketing strategies to connect to potential clients a lot more efficiently. These efforts led Seth to find David Brenton, a former Client Intake Manager for Price Benowitz who would later become BluShark's President, to serve as Chief Marketing Officer. Soon after this, Seth added a lot more people to his team and he decided to branch out.

BluShark Digital was born out of a real desire to help the legal sector be more accessible to those who need to hire lawyers and attorneys. Life throws so many things our way, it's impossible to know when we'll need professional legal assistance. By focusing on the marketing side of things, Seth and his team have been able to create truly effective services.

As a digital marketing agency, they understand how important it is to be able to cover all client's bases. As such, their services from technical to content, local SEO and social media, and everything in between. However, they specialize in high-quality technical optimization, relevant content, authoritative link-building, and local optimization because these are the strongest weapons.

The BluShark Digital family thrives off of helping clients soar and establish themselves as industry experts. These passionate marketing professionals live to expand digital communities and help businesses online. While they do this, they foster a community that values innovation and growth. Their work is truly inspired and it's no surprise it's making waves in the digital marketing sector.

Clients who have taken advantage of the services they provide consider BluShark Digital to be a big part of their formula to online success. If you wish to leverage what they have to offer and watch your business flourish, visit their website and get in touch!