Blonde Beauty Claudia Fijal Sizzles in Racy Lingerie Spicing up Her Instagram Handle

Blonde bombshell Claudia Fijal sets temperatures soaring with her scandalous pictures on Instagram sporting scantily clad lingerie that can create a scene.

From a series of neon bikinis to lacy sets and floral prints, Claudia is making her followers go weak in the knees with her oomph and hotness.

The gorgeous diva who previously commanded a whopping 640,000 followers on Instagram got her account suspended and created a new handle recently and now has a following of about 40,000 which seems to only be increasing in numbers as the days pass.

Claudia Fijal Lace Lingerie Set
Instagram grab / Claudia Fijal

Going by the way her fans are pressing the 'follow' icon, in just a few weeks, she might cross her previous numbers and forge ahead.

Claudia is not the only model to get her account suspended by Instagram as several other models have faced the same fate as the picture sharing app changed its policies with a crackdown on raunchy pictures.

Claudia is a Hit on TikTok

Now that her Instagram following is in its growing stages, Claudia is a well-known model on TikTok and the buxom beauty shares several videos mimicking movie dialogues, jokes and dance moves, all this in her lingerie.

Just recently she posted a video on her Instagram Stories from TikTok and was seen mouthing the famous, ''Darling, I've told you several times before, I do not have a dream job, I do not dream of labor,'' dialogue. The clip which is the current trend on the video sharing app, saw the leggy lass receive thousands of likes and comments for her glam yet sophisticated acting.

Claudia Fijal Purple Bra LingerieTikTok
Instagram grab / Claudia Fijal

Claudia is seen sporting a green fur coat, black sunglasses while applying lipstick in a sheer purple bra as she answered a 'question and answer' session on her Stories to the question ''How are you so dope and make it look so easy!'' For which she replied, ''It's a rough life but someone's gotta live it. You're too kind!''

Claudia Lends Her Support To 'Stop Hatred Against the Asian Community'

Apart from vowing followers with her beauty, Claudia also stood up for the Asian community who faced a spate of violent attacks in the recent weeks and regularly posts Stories urging people to put a full stop to hate and cruelty.

Several Asian people, including the elderly have been punched, kicked and spat at on the streets leaving one person blind in the left eye.

The recent shooting at a Spa in Atlanta that killed six Asian women has rocked the country with claims that the shooting was inspired by racist tendencies or white supremacist prejudice, which is growing in America.