Blackpink's Lisa Lifts the Spirit of Bereaved 'Youth With You 3' Trainee by Sharing Own Experience

Tragedy sometimes brings the best in people. If used in the right way, pain can help one to overcome the pain and deliver unbelievable results.

Blackpink's Lisa
Blackpink's Lisa. Instagram

The reason why we are talking about tragedy is because Blackpink's Lisa tried to lift the spirit of a tragedy-struck trainee on the Chinese male group survival show Youth With You 3.

Trainee Liu Jun lost his father before his concept evaluation performance and performed with a heavy heart. "The morning I was assigned to the team, I was told my dad passed away. So the last one he knew I'd perform, I wanted to do my best. I should've been with him, not wasting my time here." Koreaboo quotes him as saying on the show.

Lisa's Words of Comfort
Understanding his pain and grief, Lisa comforted him with positive words and told him that she too lost her dearest one on her birthday (24 April) and could not attend his funeral rites. She said, "What I have to say is, on my last birthday a few weeks ago, my grandfather, he passed away that day. I haven't seen him for two years. I was touring in Thailand and he came for my concert."

The 24-year old was into tears when she recalled that she would not bid goodbye to him. The Blackpink's member believes that her grandpa is still with her and his father is with him.

She claimed, "I know how you feel right now. You're like a warrior. I can see you work really hard. And you're tough."Thus lifting his spirit.

Relived by the mentor's positive words, Liu Jun said that his sole aim is to make his family proud and believes that he has his father's blessings. The trainee said that he has come this far and will not give up till the end.

"Let's do this for our family." She said. Check out the video here: