Black Pink's future projects revealed: Girls to unveil two new songs soon

Black Pink planning to release few more music videos by the end of this year.

YG Entertainment's rookie girl group Black Pink has many things stored for the future. The four-member group, which debuted in August, had tasted success with their two top rated song, Whistle & BOOMBAYAH.

The girl band is now planning to release few more music videos by the end of this year. On 30 August, a spokesperson from the group dished out details for the band's upcoming projects with Star News. The staffer revealed: "We didn't know Black Pink would gain such great attention so fast. We are very thankful. Many fans have been demanding that Black Pink go on variety shows, and the demand for 'Black Pink TV' was tremendous. We are also very thankful about this."

The representative further revealed that they are paying heed to fan's request and are planning girl's cameo in variety shows. However, the source clarified that the main agenda of the group is music and they will only concentrate on singing and performances in future.

A representative told the media outlet: "In response to the fans' support, Black Pink are slowly looking into appearing on variety shows. However, the original plans for Black Pink are to become a team that meets fans with amazing music content. As of now, they will focus on music."

Meanwhile, Black Pink which consists of Jisoo, Jennie, Rose and Lisa, will be unveiling at least two new songs, while four other music videos are still in discussion state.