Black Lives Matter: Jrue Holiday to donate salary up to $5.3 Mln to social causes

Jrue Holiday pledges up to $5.3m of his salary to social causes

Jrue Holiday, a New Orleans Pelicans guard on Wednesday announced that he will donate his 2020 remaining salary, up to $5.3 million to social justice cause.

According to reports, Holiday and his wife Lauren Holiday, who used to represent the US women's soccer team at the national level, are willing to pledge the remaining salary of 2020 Pelicans game to start the Jrue and Lauren Holiday Social Justice Impact Fund. This initiative is to help non-profit organisations, black-owned businesses and community initiatives benefit in the New Orleans, Indianapolis and Los Angeles areas.

Jure took to his official Twitter handle and wrote:"Today, I have pledged the remainder of my 2020 NBA salary as a progressive step toward combating systemic racism as well as social and economic inequality that continues to prevent black communities from upward mobility. To find out more information visit the link in my bio!"

In an interview with the ESPN, Jrue revealed that when it came down to the Black Lives Matter protests, it was him and his wife discussing their part in contributing to further this movement and being able to help out their own community.

Holiday said that both he and his wife were just sitting in the bed in their house and thinking about it when his wife said, 'I think you should do this and you should do the rest of your salary.' She further thought that it's a great idea as God has blessed them with so much and they want to make an impact.

Jrue Holiday to donate for social causes
Jrue Holiday to donate $5.3 million for social causes

Reportedly, Jrue Holiday playing against Minnesota Timberwolves, managed to score 37 points and nine rebounds, eight assists. Holiday said that $1 million will be donated to businesses owned by Black people in various cities across the country. While up to $1.5 million will go to communities in New Orleans, Los Angeles, and about $1 million will be given to communities in Indianapolis.

Holiday, 30, hails from the Los Angeles area. He represented UCLA for one season and later spent seven seasons as part of Pelicans following with the Philadelphia 76ers for four seasons.

On the other hand, Lauren Holiday from Indianapolis is 32. She met Jrue at UCLA. Holiday mentioned that both he and his wife feel that this is the perfect opportunity to make an impact. To be able to give their money to the COVID-19 hit black-owned businesses is important and the perfect time. Jrue Holiday is in a five-year, $131.8m contract and currently serving his third year. His base salary for this season is $26.1million.