Black hole probably helped unidentified flying objects to defy laws of physics, US Navy veteran says

Several conspiracy theorists believe that the admission of the US Navy regarding unidentified aerial phenomena is proof of alien existence

Unidentified Aerial Phenomenon
Mysterious flying object YouTube: To The Stars Academy of Arts and Sciences

In 2017, To The Stars Academy of Arts and Sciences released two mindblowing videos that showed flying objects traveling across the skies at neck-breaking speed defying all laws of physics. Even though military jets of the US Navy trailed the objects for some time, these advanced flying vessels quickly disappeared as they travelled at almost 19,000 miles per hour.

Around a few weeks back, Joseph Gradisher a top US Navy official confirmed that the clips released by To The Stars Academy were authentic, and he also made it clear that these footages were not authorized to be released in the first place.

Now, a US Navy veteran has suggested that this Unidentified Aerial Phenomenabla (UAP) might have opened a black hole to reach such a speed which is still unassailable by modern-day human space crafts.

These remarks were made by Gary Voorhis in Podcast UFO who was a computer technician on the USS Princeton in November 2004 when this strange tic-tac shaped object caught the attention of US Navy officials.

"It's the thought that everything is connected at some point in the universe. And so, using that, you can technically open up a black hole, a stable wormhole. And basically move from point to point at any speed anywhere. It's not restricted to distance – you can do it in small jumps, you can do it in big jumps. So I've been toying with the numbers to see if that's possible," said Voorhis, Daily Star reports.

Earlier, Gradisher had revealed that the clips which are out are just a fraction of the actual incursions that usually happen in Navy training sites. As per the official, many aviators have witnessed mysterious flying objects in the skies, but most of them are hesitant to report it due to the stigma attached to previous terminologies and theories regarding the origin of these flying objects.

Conspiracy theorists believe that this flying object that screeched across the skies by defying all laws of physics could be an advanced alien spaceship from deep space. As per these conspiracy theorists, aliens have been visiting the earth for hundreds of thousands of years to monitor human activities.