Black Family Surrounded by White Mob, Wrongfully Accused of Stealing Car in Washington [VIDEO]

Lee Allen and his two children were terrorized by a group of white people who accused them of stealing a 1994 Camaro.

A video of a black man and his two children being surrounded by a group of white people after leaving a Walmart store because of the car they were driving is being widely circulated on social media.

Although the original clip was filmed earlier this year, the video has only recently gone viral and shows a black man, identified as Lee Allen, and his two kids leaving the store in Spokane, Washington, when their path is blocked by a woman.

'How Did You Get This Car?'

Black family attacked by white mob
A still from the video that is being widely circulated on social media. Twitter

The clip starts off with the Allen asking the woman to move out of his way. The woman then falsely claims the Green 1994 Camaro belongs to her. "How did you get this car?" she asks repeatedly as one of the children in the car's backseat films the video.

"Can you get out? It's my car," the woman continues to claim before telling bystanders that Allen is driving off with her car. The bystanders then approach the vehicle and surround it from all sides. Allen can be heard telling his son, Max, to call 911 moments before one of the men then proceeds to open the driver's door, telling Allen the car belongs to the woman and demanding an explanation from him.

"This is not her car," Allen says before shutting the door on the man, which agitates the man further. The kids in the car appear to be terrified as they call out to their father in distress.

The mob starts hitting the car's door repeatedly as the daughter can be heard screaming and crying. One of them even throws his bicycle at the car before her father manages to drive off with one attacker still holding on to the hood of the vehicle. The video then ends before showing some of the attackers chasing the car on a motorcycle. Watch the video below:

Charged with Disorderly Conduct

Spokane County Sheriff's Deputies who responded to Allen's 911 call said the woman standing in front of Allen's car claimed it was her vehicle because she had the same make and model stolen from her by a friend several years ago.

The woman was charged with disorderly conduct while the man who jumped on the hood was arrested on a separate warrant. The man who followed Allen on the motorcycle was not charged and authorities were still looking for the man who threw his bicycle at the car and at the time deputies said that the individual "is likely to be charged."