Black Daycare Worker Arrested After Video Shows Her Hitting, Tossing White Autistic Child [VIDEO]

The daycare worker was charged with unlawful conduct towards a child after she was caught on camera physically abusing the five-year-old.

An African-American daycare worker has been arrested after she was caught on camera manhandling a white child. The video is now being widely circulated on social media.

Tiana McElveen, 24, has been charged with unlawful conduct towards a child after surveillance cameras captured her hitting and tossing a 5-year-old at the Care-A-Lot Daycare Center in Sumter, South Carolina on Aug 14.

Video Footage

Tiana McElveen
A still from the video that has gone viral on social media Twitter

Security camera footage of the incident shows the black boy stealing what appears to be a toy from the white child before the two children get into an altercation. As the kids are engaged in a tussle, McElveen can be seen walking up to the white kid and striking him across the face.

She then grabs the white child with one arm and hurls him to the floor. The child can be seen in distress kicking his legs in the air before McElveen picks him up and drops him on the ground again. She is then seen leading the black child away by holding his arm and examining him for injuries. Watch the video below:

An incident report later revealed McElveen was related to the black child and the white child, who is suffering from autism, attempted to bite her relative.

Fired After Making Children 'Eat Like Dogs'

Tiana McElveen
Tiana McElveen Twitter

McElveen was terminated from her position at the daycare center on Friday over a separate incident involving her. McElveen allegedly became disrespectful towards staff members after she was confronted with putting food on the floor for children to "eat like dogs."

The Department of Social Services was notified and she was taken into custody on Aug. 20 before being transported to the Sumter County Sheriff's Office Detention Center. She was released after posting a $1,500 bond.

Accused of Racism

The video has racked up thousands of comments with many accusing the McElveen of being racist towards the white child.

"This is a hate crime," wrote one user. "She was specifically violent against the white child."

"This is how racism is taught," commented another. "But no one listens! Taking it out on children of any color is dam wrong. Teach kids right from wrong with love and understanding. Not racism!"

"The anti white racism is real. Big time," tweeted a separate user.